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Netshield South Africa

Netshield (Pty) Ltd is a Pretoria based electronic research and development house that specialises in the Optical Transmission (Fiber and Free space), Radio and Computer Networking equipment, Data communication, telecommunication and Protocol Encapsulation environments.

Established in 1994, Netshield as company understands the specific nature of the local market and supplies suitable electronic technology solutions to its clients.

We are the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of the Netshield product range. While the Netshield range of products is a need-satisfying offering of our company, it is not just simply a collection of technical components and features, but quality products with the ability to satisfy your customers' needs.


A Laptop ComputerOur Products include a range of Industrial products, Media Converters and Transceivers, a range of Interface Switches, Free space optical Laser Communications, radio communications, a range Voice and Data Multiplexers, a range of Protocol encapsulation products, a range of video on fibre products, and a range of Managed Surge Protection and surge isolation products. All these products are developed, designed and manufactured locally in South Africa, conforming to the most stringent of international standards and carry a lifetime warranty.

Our experienced development engineers are always ready to assist you in your unique networking environment. Our customised and application specific solutions are most likely more cost effective in the long run!

Netshield as a company's main focus initially was to develop, design and to provide "customized created commercial products which have evolved into "of the shelf" products distributed throughout South Africa. Through the years of conducting business, we have realized that there is scope for these products within other customers in the market and have established a distribution and reseller channel for the Netshield range of products.

The wealth of the company lies not only in the Intellectual Property Rights of its designs, services and reserves but also in its employees. All employees of Netshield SA are focused towards the same goal: Giving their best performance for maximized customer satisfaction. The "hands on" directors of Netshield are available for their clients at all times!