Netshield Server room Cabinets

Netshield 19” Cabinets are available in different sizes as governed by IEC (Industrial Electro technical Commission) standards. They are normally black but if quantities justify it can be supplied in different colours, which are defined by the clients need and likings. Netshield supplies two types of cabinets:

o   Floor standing and

o   Wall mount with and without swing frames

The height can vary in “U’s” ranging from 4U to 47U – 1U = 44.45mm and a single piece of equipment can take up multiple “U’s” in a cabinet.

The depth can vary from:

o   600, 800, 1000 and 1200mm deep for floor standing cabinets

o   450, 550 and 650mm deep for wall mounting

 Two ratings are available namely:

o   IPxx

Indoor – used as a server room replacement

Outdoor – used at robots and cellular base stations to house equipment

  • Restricted air flow
  • Forced cooling
  • Dust proof
  • Gasket sealed
  • Splash proof
  • Enhanced locking mechanism

o   Standard

Only indoor – does not have any of the IPxx rated specifications.

A cabinet consists of a:

o   Frame

o   Front and rear doors

  • Perforated
  • Solid
  • Glass
  • Or a combination of the above

o   Slide panels

o   Top and bottom panels

o   Plinth (the base it stands on)

o   Uprights (equipment is mounted onto these)

o   Feet

o   And for wall mount cabinet a swing frame

 Accessories for the cabinets include:

o   Flat tray

o   Sliding tray

o   Front mount shelves

o   Cable trays

o   Expansion uprights

o   PDU’s or Power rails

o   Fan units

o   Blank plats

o   Vent panels

o   Castors

o   Patch panels

o   Cable Management

o   Brush panels

o   Screws

o   LCD drawers

o   Air conditioners

o   Management systems

Download (PDF, 838KB)