Many server rooms have more than one air conditioner, blowing away at a constant rate to keep the room cool enough that the servers will not overheat and bomb out, or to prevent other sensitive equipment from being damaged.

Unfortunately, this also sends the electricity bill sky rocketing. Most datacenter and shelter owners prefer installing dual air conditioning systems for redundancy, while there are two devices at the site that can supply the required cooling, it is senseless too only use one as the operational device.

Using a dual air conditioner controller the output can be regulated so that the working load is equally shared between the devices. Running one device for a fixed preset able cycle and then switching to the second device, with the added ability to activate both devices under extremely high temperature conditions and individually recording the accumulative working hours of each device. This is handy, especially at remote sites, as the system ensure that the service intervals of the devices are aligned.

The system automatically checks the health of the devices along with the environmental temperature and humidity, relaying the information to a centralized database.