31st January 2023

Understanding the difference between IoT and IIoT

The main difference between IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is the type of environment and the use cases for which they […]
26th October 2022

Netshield iPoP Gateways & sensors

IPoP Gateways & Sensors Environmental management and IIoT devices have the capacity to track and make intelligent data available on a wide variety of tools, objects […]
17th August 2022

What you need to know about compatible transceiver modules

IT managers spend a large part of their networking cabling/equipment budget on transceiver modules with the big OEM brands. You can save substantially on the cost […]
14th February 2022

Cable based ATS for single source equipment

The Netshield N-ATSCAB-C13-2C14-2M5 is a Dual inline VAC Power Supply Automatic Switching cable unit (ATS-Cable). The unit automatically switches between two power sources, typically A and […]
8th September 2021

Dummie Guide: Netshield compatible SFP/SFP+/QSFP Transceiver Modules

Netshield compatible transceiver modules are used to add fibre capabilities when connected to a switch and uses DDM/DOM (Digital Diagnostics/Optical Monitoring) technology which gives the end-user […]
19th October 2020

A 4-Week Black Friday 2020 sale at Netshield

27 November is the date for Black Friday 2020, but this year Black Friday becomes Black November at Netshield. Rather than a single day bonanza, Netshield […]
6th October 2020

How to manage unstable power supply in server rooms due to spikes and surges

9th June 2020

Smooth transition of power between primary and secondary power in the data center

It is vitally important to have uninterrupted power in the data center environment and to increase the resilience of your electrical power installation. That is why […]
29th April 2020

Netshield Self-Contained Cabinets, part of an IoT infrastructure solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionise everything we do in our business and personal lives. Every technology business is introducing new products and services […]
1st April 2020

Increasing profitability by using IoT and Cloud applications to streamline processes associated with Tech-support SLA’s

What is this about? Increasing the profitability on existing and enhancing the opportunity of winning new service level agreement contracts by reducing the costs of servicing […]
26th March 2020

Netshield Lockdown Communication

As you are aware, the South African government recently announced a national lockdown for 21 days effective from midnight on Thursday the 26th of March 2020. […]
9th March 2020

Netshield Online store up and running again

Netshield, a leading supplier of IoT technology hardware, platforms and services, as well as Ethernet connectivity products has announced that customers can once again by some […]