21st Oct 2016

Netshield has a blast at the MyBroadband Conference 2016

On 20 October 2016, our team arrived bright and early at the Gallagher Convention Centre to man our stand at the MyBroadband Conference 2016. The delegates […]
20th Nov 2015

Your idea, our reality

How amazing would it be if every time you had an idea, a team of experts appeared in front of you, ready and waiting to turn […]
11th Aug 2015

HOW TO: Regain control of your electricity supply

Netshield South Africa’s CEO has spoken out about the problem of unreliable power supply in the country and stated that South Africans need to take independent […]
4th Aug 2015

In a tough environment you need a tougher network

Netshield has launched a range of #Industrial Ethernet products that specifically designed to withstand tough environments like that of a factory. Not all business is conducted […]
8th Apr 2015

Product Flyer Gallery

Click on the images to see full size product flyers from our various ranges:  
21st Nov 2014

Removing the complexity from your data centre

Rolling out, managing and even securing your IT infrastructure can be a nightmare. It is with this that the new Netshield Data Centre in a Box […]
5th Nov 2014

Protect your server room from fire that might damage expensive equipment

  Oxygen, fuel and heat feed fires – remove any one of these and there is no fire! Netshield’s unique FireSmother fire extinguisher instantly displaces oxygen, […]
15th Oct 2014

Do you know what all to consider when planning Access Control for your server room?

The Netshield NVIROMON-1S not only monitors and controls a room’s temperature and humidity, detecting unwanted gases or fire – it also provides full access control! As […]
27th May 2014

Netshield Fire-Smother

27th May 2014

Netshield Nviromon-Lite unit