31st January 2023

Understanding the difference between IoT and IIoT

The main difference between IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is the type of environment and the use cases for which they […]
26th September 2018

New Netshield GSM Power Monitor – Perfect for support teams

Are you in IT support and tired of wasting time and money on support calls that waste your time because they are related to a simple […]
29th May 2017

Netshields brings WiFi IoT to you in minutes

The Internet of Things (IoT): useful, but can be a bit of a hassle to install. Netshield brings a whole new dimension to getting things done […]
21st October 2016

Netshield has a blast at the MyBroadband Conference 2016

On 20 October 2016, our team arrived bright and early at the Gallagher Convention Centre to man our stand at the MyBroadband Conference 2016. The delegates […]
25th May 2016

Need help building or expanding a data centre?

Our specialised Netshield Consulting Services team has all the experience – over 32 years of it – in the ICT and electronics industry that you need […]
20th November 2015

Your idea, our reality

How amazing would it be if every time you had an idea, a team of experts appeared in front of you, ready and waiting to turn […]
8th April 2015

Product Flyer Gallery

Click on the images to see full size product flyers from our various ranges:  
11th March 2015

Why invest in environmental monitoring and control?

Disasters are called disasters because one is never sure when they are going to strike. Lets take a look at the recent Cape Fires – not […]
21st November 2014

Removing the complexity from your data centre

Rolling out, managing and even securing your IT infrastructure can be a nightmare. It is with this that the new Netshield Data Centre in a Box […]
1st September 2014

Netshield unveils Data Centre in a Box

Change the way your company approach IT with the new self-contained, plug and go datacentre in a box, managed from a single IP address! The Data […]
1st August 2014

20 Years of Innovation

  Many an IT company has been born from the living room, kitchen or even garage of a family member and the birth of Netshield some […]
27th May 2014

Netshield Fire-Smother