Living in a world where your livelihood is dependent on refrigeration of goods that spoil if not cooled or frozen and you arrive after a weekend to find that the power feeding the fridges tripped just after you left on a Friday afternoon. All the goods that you need to cater for a strategic session of one of your best clients or group of business executives is spoilt and even worse when you open the doors to the fridges the nasty smell floats through to the workspace that they will occupy and they are arriving within the hour. Whether you are a butcher, greengrocer, dentist or restaurant owner the risk is the same!

Imagine having a reliable watchdog keeping watch, never sleeping, always on guard. Constantly checking the power, the internal temperature of the fridge/freezer and checking that the door is closed and notifying you of any alarm status immediately. With a comforting daily status message reminding you that he is on guard.