Company Profile

Netshield (Pty) Ltd is a Pretoria-based company that specialises in electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, optical and technological research, development and manufacturing. It has 20 years experience in IoT through products that connects any device with an on/off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other) or remote computer dashboard. Information on anything can be gathered through a strategically placed sensor to a gateway so that it can be monitored and controlled remotely through a dashboard.  Netshield thrives on opportunities to create innovative real world products and tailor-made solutions that are based on our clients’ own ideas and are specifically suited for the African and South African markets.

Established in 1994, Netshield with its detailed knowledge of the nature of local and international markets, has produced a range of products, instruments and services that are not just a collection of technical components, processes and features but are highly qualified and designed to satisfy a customer’s specific needs. We achieve this by supplying new, innovative products, solutions, instruments and services through our own global network of specialty resellers and strategic partners.

Through many years of quality service, Netshield has established a distribution and specialty reseller channel to the end user market for our products, instruments, designs and services in South Africa as well as further afield in the rest of Africa and more recently a global market place.

The wealth of the company lies not only in the intellectual property rights of its designed product, software and instrument and services; but also in its highly skilled and valued group of employees. All employees of Netshield SA are focused towards the same goal: Giving their best performance for complete customer satisfaction.

Netshield has a policy whereby we strive to continually evaluate and harness industry standards, industry changes, design challenges, including the application of modular standardisation and modularity in design, in order to simplify the development process and concepts within our own business. This ultimately results in competitive pricing, maintainability, serviceability and backup spares availability that benefits customers.

Core Business Areas and Services
Netshield specialises in creating products and solutions inspired by our client’s challenges. The process starts with an evaluation of the challenge facing the customer, we will then create specifications and develop a product or solutions that will solve the client’s unique challenge or need.

Through many years of product development we have collected and developed a huge variety of reuseable hardware and software elements, all of which are today used in new developments that significantly reduce the development cycle. These elements include a variety of embedded processor modules, IO modules, communication protocols, control elements, database applications, Web and user interfaces.

These elements form the building blocks of most products used in the world today and because we own the intellectual property rights to them, we use them as the basis of most of the products we design. Whats more, our experience in embedded Linux and other operating systems, allows for simple structured expansion on these software platforms through a global programmer network.

Netshield’s business areas include;
1. Datacentre & Environmental Management, Communications and Security products

• Remote monitoring and management software for element management,
o Single or multi-destination reporting
o Viewing types: global view of entire network, regional view, campus view and server room view with status indicators
o Customised dashboard views of specific issues, products or solutions
o Single window summarised view of outstanding issues
o SNMP traps stored in database
o Automated reporting and event summaries via email
o High resolution monitoring of specific issues on graphical or analogue display
o ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) monitoring of non SNMP enabled devices

• Power Management with;
o Device metering and utilisation quantification
o Comprehensive AC and DC Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) range and custom designs
o Monitored and managed surge and lightening protection devices
o Metered and managed PDU’s
o Renewable energy generation and management.

• Remote and centralised Monitoring and controlling of datacentres, server rooms, wire centres and high sites;
o Multi-door access control through RFID, biometrics and keypads
o Security the seismic, PIR, perimeter beams and safety light curtains
o Environmental conditions monitored: temperature, relative humidity, flooding
o Fire and smoke detection and fire extinguishing
o Power usage monitoring and conditioning through managed surge protection
o Metered and managed PDU’s
o Cooling and climate control and management
o Fuel level sensing
o Local indicators and visual alarms
o Remote; SNMP, GSM and emails
o Automated email activity reports and summaries

• Self-Contained equipment cabinets and racks for indoor (IP54) and outdoor (IP55) type application with single IP address management for all services;
o Cabinet door access control, biometric, RFID or keypad
o Manageable surge and lightning protection
o Power metering and utilisation quantification and managed surge protection
o Temperature, relative humidity and flood monitoring
o Metered and managed PDU’s
o Ventilation, air conditioner and air flow management
o Optical WAN interface isolation with status monitoring
o Fire and smoke detection and extinguishing
o Serial UPS management
o SNMP and GSM management and control interfaces.

• Fibre optical access and media conversion devices and peripherals for single mode, multimode and wave division multiplexing (WDM) fibre and copper infrastructure applications;
o GBIC, SFP, SFP+, XFP, XENPAK and X2 modules
o Fibre modules for 100MB, 1G, 10G and 40G applications
o Copper modules for 1G and Twinax Cable switch to switch applications
o Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT to Fibre converters in single- and multi-port fibre and copper options
o Legacy telecommunications E1, E2 and E4 over fibre conversion products
o Data and industrial communications interface RS232, RS485, RS422 fibre optical conversion products.

• Protocol conversion and bridging products, making IP networks transparent by tunnelling other protocols over the IP networks
o N x E1’s over IP (TDMoIP)
o IP over N x E1, E2 and E3 (IPMux)
o RS232/485/422 over IP

• Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors and splitters with utility power, solar array and battery backup feeds for outdoor and indoor IP Telephony, surveillance camera and Wi-Fi AP installations;
o 802.3at PoE standard provides up to 15.4 W of DC power
o 802.3af PoE standard also known as PoE+ or PoE plus, provides up to 25.5 W of power
o PoE+ with up to 51.0 W Dc power

2. Data cabinets

• Indoor standard equipment cabinets: these cabinets normally have either a glass or perforated curved front door and dual perforated rear doors and is manufactured in two types, a floor standing and a wall mountable swing mount type;
o The floor standing type comes in various sizes:
 600 x 600mm, 600 x 800mm, 600 x 1000mm and 600 x 1200mm in 12U, 16U, 20U, 25U, 34U, 38U, 42U and 47U
 800 x 1000mm and 800 x 1200mm in 25U, 42U and 47U
 Glass or perforated front door, solid side and rear doors.
• Indoor swing frame wall mountable and wall mountable only cabinets
o 550 x600mm and 650 x 600mm in 4U, 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U and 20U with glass or perforated front door and 2 or 4 up-rights, solid side and rear doors, glass or perforated front door.
• IP55 outdoor cabinets,
o The outdoor cabinets are dust proof or protected to the ingress of dust and water to ensure the satisfactory operation of equipment, sizes are 600 x 600mm, 600 x 800mm and 600 x 1000mm in 20U, 25U, 34U, 38U, 42U and 47U sizes
o The outdoor wall boxes sizes are 600 x 450mm and 600 x 650mm in 4U, 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U and 20U sizes

3. Access control, time and attendance, asset tracking and management products

• Commercial access control devices,
o Biometric readers
o RFID/Keypad Readers
o Access Keypad
o UHF and VHS RFID TAG readers
o Barcode scanners.
• Access devices controllers, embedded Linux-based and embed control options.
• Access control hardware;
o half and full height turnstiles
o Gates and Barriers
o Accessories, enclosures and power backup solutions.
• Database, enrolment, workforce solutions, device management and reporting software.
• Smart Video camera enclosures with optional solar power feeds.

4. Renewable energy and power devices and solutions

• Renewable energy systems and subsystem design for surveillance cameras, outdoor Wi-Fi installations, telecommunication and cellular base station high sites, military and policing satellite stations, building and housing;
o Sun Tracking Solar arrays and fixed Solar arrays
o Vertical axis wind turbines
o Compressed air driven Generators
o Multi Point Power Tracking Chargers
o Battery sub systems and battery monitoring and management systems
o Manageable Grid Tied and Off Grid power inverters
o DC and AC power management and quantification
o Solar to PoE feeders with DC power backup.

5. Mining and industrial products

• Mining and industrial safety instruments, noise analyses and dosimetry instruments reporting to a centralised database with analytical software;
o Wall mounted fixed installation noise analyses and display devices for workshop type environments with active LED based displays of actual progressive time weighted average or direct sampling displays;
o Wearable collar or hard hat mountable portable instruments as battery operated dosimeter or cap-lamp fitted dosimeter devices with;
 Automated wireless downloading of TWA or fixed rate time based samples to centralised database
 Automated sound level reference
 Automated calibration
 Automated configuration
 Instant and delayed activation of recordings and TWA calculations

• Mining dump track Remote management through Wi-Fi or GSM interfaces of;
o Diesel fuel utilisation and levels
o Tyre pressure & temperature
o Road surface impact and vibration
o GPS position and speed
o Loads moved from pit to processing plant

Business Approach and Impact
Netshield’s business approach is to create long-term partnerships and to work with resellers, distributers and customers, to exploit the opportunities presented by electronic technologies. Netshield holds the values that guide how business is conducted in high regard and constantly seeks challenging issues within its customer’s environments that can be addressed.

Competence, innovation, and integrity is the foundation of our relationships with our customers.

Netshield believes that an unwavering commitment to holistic electronic solutions will enable our clients to derive the maximum value from their deployment of electronic technology and this will benefit the company in the long term through increased customer loyalty and an improved public image for the electronic industry in which it operates.

The growing global shortage of IT skills means that the commitment to the welfare and development of the staff is a critical success factor for the company and the South African electronic industry as a whole. Netshield offers a level of expertise and a pool of skills unmatched in South Africa’s electronic sector. Netshield has invested significantly in infrastructure, including ongoing technical training, and an infrastructure designed to assist the engineering and support teams.

Netshield’s in-house product research and design philosophy
At Netshield, product designs are constantly revised and updated, ensuring that the latest trends and industry technologies are embedded and implemented into our entire product range. All third-party integration modules are put through the most stringent industry-standard and quality testing.

Client-product research, design and development philosophy
The Netshield team of experienced development, design and maintenance engineers works closely with clients to fully understand the functionality and specifications required from a product or a service.

Experience in product development, design and maintenance has allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of investment and increase the reliability of our products by lowering the number of components and processes required to complete the product development and enhance the maintainability of the products.

A further benefit of Netshield’s design approach is the use, where possible, of our pre-designed in-house building blocks and the acceleration of the design process with the use of certified third party-designed modules. This results in a reduction of product costs, increased maintainability and reduced cost of ownership.

Specification Development
Our specification development is based on an in depth understanding of the subject matter and this combined with our experience in industry standard solution applications, result in specifications to suit requirements in all product categories. Netshield’s engineers have a combined 70 years’ experience in the electronic industry and our intellectual content is unsurpassed in our field of business.

Network communication
The network communication division includes – hardware, software, network and consumable supplies.

Our network communication product portfolio includes a range of industrial products, media converters and transceivers, a range of interface switches, free space optical laser communications, radio communications, a range of voice and data multiplexers, a range of protocol encapsulation products, a range of video on fibre products, and a range of managed surge protection and surge isolation products.

In addition, experienced development engineers are always ready to assist with unique networking environments.

Power protection
The power protection division includes transient voltage surge suppression, lightning protection, power line conditioners, uninterruptable power supplies, standby generators and fibre suppression systems.

Effective primary (coarse) and secondary (fine) transient surge suppression is achieved through applications of state of the art configurations. Single and three phase line conditioners ensure mains isolated stable voltage supplies in areas prone to mains voltage fluctuations.

Monitoring and control
Netshield has designed an active monitoring system to protect against the threats of interruption in distributed, remote locations. Three critical areas are monitored — environmental, power and networks — to deliver the industry’s most robust monitoring and protection solution over an IP network.

The monitoring and control products include – Computer room environment monitoring, UPS monitoring and control soft/hardware. These solutions provide real time monitoring and control of all computer room environment conditions and devices with multiple signal alarm notification via E-mail, E-mail to SMS, SNMP, Mobile telephones, Pagers and PDA’s.

Environmental monitoring includes – temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow, audio, door switch, camera motion detection, fire/power monitoring and more.

The UPS system based shutdown software can be configured to perform an unattended operating system’s shutdown on multiple file servers when extended power failures occur. Monitoring software is available for Microsoft operating systems and runs as a background task on all network platforms.

Backup, service and support
All the products that are developed, designed and manufactured locally in South Africa, conform to the most stringent of international standards and carry a lifetime warranty.

Apart from our in-house complement of highly skilled engineers and technicians, Netshield has evaluated, selected and equipped various technical support partners, culminating in a support infrastructure that plays a vital role in providing 24/7 backup and support to our valued customer base throughout the African continent.

Maintenance agreements ensure trouble free operation and continuous user satisfaction.
Adequate spares are held with availability guaranteed for a period of ten years from the date that products were sold.


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