Our portfolio of IT products includes a range of locally developed products and solutions that have been around since 1994, as well as an extensive range of globally sourced compatible networking products. We boast a carry-in warranty on all of out locally manufactured products as well as a one year warranty on the imported ranges we have on our books.

Our products include:

Ethernet Media Converters

We stock only the best in international “mini-; bridging-; Industrial-  and true media convertors. These ranges are of the highest quality and will meet your networking, video and industrial needs.

Ethernet Switches with Fibre Ports or SFP tranceiver Slots

Looking for 10/100 OR L2 switches that comes coupled with fibre ports or maybe a 1gb or 10gb switch wit a SFP slot? Then look no further. The Netshield range offers both non-manageable and web smart devices.

Power Over Ethernet Injectors, Midspan, Splitters

Take advantage of a flexible way to get Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the Netshield PoE midspan units. We provide a range of injectors, splitters or combined units.

Simplex or Duplex Fibre Optic Leads

Our fibre patch leads are either duplex – allowing you to make use of them to both transmit and receive data or simplex. Our leads are available in a variety of lengths in both multi and single mode.

Compatible Cisco Cables, Cat Leads and Connectors

Tired of not being able to find a Cisco compatible cable to use within your network? We have a range of Cisco compatible cables that will assist with all sizes of network implementations.

1 GB, 10GB, 40 Gb and 100Gb SFP Expansion Modules

If you are looking to add 1GB up to 100GB fibre capabilities to your HP, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Avaya or other brand network switches, then the Netshield compatible SFP modules are perfect for you. Priced atleast a quarter of the originals, it will save you a lot of money.

UPS Line Interactive & Online – Tower and Rackmount Units

We provide a full range of UPS units, right from entry level products to industrial heavy-duty devices, all of which are tailored to meet your business needs and your budget.

Server Room Cabinets

Netshield 19″ cabinets are available in different sizes ranging from 4U up to 47U and can be either floor standing or wall mounted. They can be either standard or IPxx rated.

Self-Contained Cabinets (Fully IoT Integrated)

If the thought of rolling out or expanding new technology in your business gives you a headache, we have a simple solution for you. IP54 rated Datacentre in a Box – a completely self-contained, standalone server room that can be wheeled in & deployed in minutes. Manage your IoT enabled SCC within a private network or in the Cloud through a simple dashboard.

Remote Environmental monitoring/control systems

Part of our IoT range the Netshield Remote Management and Control range of solutions, will ive you 24/7 environmental-, access-, power- and fire monitoring and control for server rooms or remote sites, with particular reference to the data centre, agricultural, industrial, residential environment, security, renewable energy or access control environment.

Surge Protection for server rooms and building applications

Plagued by high voltages and power spikes? With a Netshield power solution you can protect your buildings on all levels including distribution boxes and server cabinets.

Surge Protection for Small Office/Home Office applications

Protect your business and your home from unnatural power surges that manifest through your power or Telkom lines with a small business solution from Netshield.

Smart Power Distribution Units

Netshield’s cloud or network managed Smart Zero U Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide Class 1 metering allowing you to take advantage of energy metering and optimisation of cabinets in your data centre. These units also offer optional temperature, humidity and fluid monitoring sensors and as a result of being network ready can form part of an overall Internet of Things (IoT) business environment.

IoT & Environmental Solutions

Netshield South Africa is pleased to unveil its IoT (Internet of Things) end-to-end solutions, assisting customers with the development, management and deployment of successful IoT implementations, from sensors, through to the gateways, dashboards and analytics.