Netshield’s in-house product research and design philosophy

At Netshield, we constantly revise and update our product designs, ensuring that the latest trends and industry technologies are embedded and implemented into our entire product range. All third-party integration modules are put through the most stringent industry-standard quality testing.

Client-product research, design and development philosophy

Our team of experienced development and design engineers works closely with clients to fully understand the functionality and specifications required from the product. Following the project briefing and independent research, a quotation and specification is compiled for client acceptance before any actual development and design is undertaken. While this might appear to be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, it is critical to the eventual success of the product.

Our experience in product development and design has allowed us to significantly reduce the labour investment and increase the reliability of our products by lowering the number of components and processes required to complete the product development. A further benefit of our design approach is the use, where possible, of pre-designed in-house building blocks and third party-designed modules. This results in a reduction of costly, labour intensive design cycles.

Complementing all this is the use of state of the art emulation, simulation and development tools to reduce time to deliverables. Our development engineers use active generations of CAD systems to create the necessary elements to complete circuit board, optical and mechanical elements. Uncompromising skills coupled with extensive experience in embedded software development and the use of a variety of programming languages, ensure effective source code.

Current Projects

  • Generation 3 managed and isolated surge protection units incorporating power condition monitoring, SNMP management and replacing mechanical circuit breaker.
  • Generation 3 Free space optical link with automated alignment and tracking mounting brackets.
  • GSM/SNMP environmental management unit.
  • Upgraded media converters to latest format of silicon.
  • Safety system for mining vehicles.
  • GSM-routing VPN products.
  • Low-cost basic router for synchronous leased lines.