Investing in an environmental monitoring and control systems is a way that you can ensure the protection of your assets, no matter where you are. Over the last 16 years, Netshield have developed and designed a range of point of presence, convergence gateways and with the addition of sensors and SNMP or cloud dash boards  you can remotely monitor and manage your environment across multiple applications from your home to your business.

Within datacenters & sensitive environments various services are required to ensure that the environment is monitored to ensure quality of service for the networking, server and storage equipment housed. These systems include environmental monitoring, power feeds, air conditioning, fire protection, security and access control into the datacenter.

Most vendors offer some of these services but all these services are not consolidated into a single management platform, this then required a manager of managers to consolidate these services into a single managed platform.
All these infrastructural services can be managed from a single hardware platform as the services are and events occur at a relatively slow rate, but when something does go wrong extremely quick predefined automated reaction is required. The quickest type of reaction is always based on a hardware layer decision, backed up with triggers that launch firmware processes that initiate messaging to the Network Management System.

Our use cases include:

1. Door status detection
2. Actuator door locking mechanism
3. Temperature, humidity sensing & Fluid detector
4. Monitored Type 1 & 2 surge protection
5. Air conditioning control interface
6. Serial UPS control and management
7. SNMP stack, trap, polling and walk
8. Power switching (up to 100Amp)
9. Wiegand base manageable remote controlled  access
10. Preemptive event management
11. Customized snapshot point of presence dashboard
12. Network Management Software: event correlation, automated 13. reporting and multi zoning SNMP or Cloud based
14. Self-Contained Cabinet design
15. Fire detection
16. Solid state fire extinguisher
17. Wan isolation and protection
18. Class 1 energy metering (RS485 MODBUS)
19. Lighting and Surge event counter (RS485 MODBUS)

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  • Up to 150 wired and wireless sensors
    • Temperature, Humidity, Flooding and leak (Water & Petro-chemical), Fuel level, Magnetic and inertia, Vibration and seismic, Motion and movement, Pressure, flow rate and control value, Wind speed, direction and solar radiation
  • Digital I/O and Analog Inputs
    • Sixteen (16) Optically isolated Digital Inputs with phantom power feed
    • Eight Relay based Digital Outputs Double pole normally open & normally closed contacts with phantom power feed
    • Individual LED status indicators embedded on RJ45 connectors housing digital I/O’s
    • Eight Analog inputs with phantom power feed
  • Access control
    • Dual Wiegand inputs with phantom power feed
    • Biometric, RFID and Keypad Readers integration
    • Door Contacts, Push & No Touch Buttons and Emergency break glass reads
    • E-Lock, Strike-Lock and Magnetic-Lock control
  • Dual 1-wire sensors interfaced with phantom power feed
  • Four (4) RS485 based power feeding Expansion Sensor Bus with phantom power feed
    • Expansion to Class-1 energy meter
    • Expansion to Sensor Pod’s and I/O modules
    • Expansion to Air conditioner controllers
    • Expansion to UPS monitoring
    • Expansion to 4-20mA and 1-10V industrial Pod
  • Four (4) USB 2.0 ports
    • Expansion to GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, LoRA, Sigfox and NB-IoT Modules
    • Expansion to Integrated Cameras
    • Expansion to protocol converters – CANBUS, BACnet and MODBUS
  • 10/100BaseT upstream network interface
  • Power
    • Internal backup battery with isolation switch
    • Internal 180 to 260VAC feeding power status monitor
    • Current limiting on 12VDC Phantom power feeding circuits
  • Fire detection and extinguishing
    • Dual smoke detector and heat cable ports with phantom power feed
    • Dual solid state fire extinguisher ports with phantom power feed
    • Siren, beacon, Fireman’s switch and Emergency break glass

Used for monitoring and control as a standalone unit to interchange the switching of the air-conditioners at a predetermined interval, monitor air-conditioner power and environmental conditions : temperature, humidity, water flood detection and air-flow . Smoke detector with controller for ventilation fan and airflow shutter.

On detection of transgression or variation of user defined preset threshold conditions the NACCUMON senses problematic conditions and delivers an alert via a SNMP trap notification to the appropriate event manager’s monitoring station. The remote management information system alerts and indicates any of these environmental problems to trigger immediate action for prevention or recovery of failures. The NACCUMON can also trigger alerts for preventative maintenance.

The NACCU dual air-conditioner and monitor unit can be connected to two separate air-conditioners.
• The air-conditioners can be monitored and controlled by the NVIROMON or a smart PDU.
• The NACCU dual air-conditioner and monitor unit is connected to the NVIROMON or smart PDU with RS485
• The NACCU dual air-conditioner and monitor unit is used to monitor the current (A), voltage (V), power (W),
accumulated power (kWh) and temperature (ºC).
• The NACCU dual air-conditioner and monitor unit can switch air-conditioners on and off
with the NVIROMON or a smart PDU unit.
• The NACCU dual air-conditioner and monitor unit can interchange the switching of the
air-conditioners on a predetermined interval to ensure the frequent monitoring of the state of each air-conditioner.
• The NVIROMON or smart PDU is REMOTELY configured, controlled and monitored by the Netshield Monitor
One SNMP based management information system.
• When power conditions exceed pre-set thresholds, the NVIROMON or smart PDU senses the problem and delivers
an alert notification to the appropriate event manager’s mobile phone. The remote management information
system alerts and indicates any of these power problems to trigger immediate action for prevention or recovery of
• Typical examples of other possible problems that can be sensed are increased temperatures due to blocked
filters, gas leaks, faulty compressors and unstable power supply.

• Integrated panel mount C13 with externally accessible fuse holder, power
input with 1.2-meter C14 to South African Red Plug power cord.
• Leaded Power output, 1.2-meter, C14 connector for connection to
• Utility mains power failure detector, single phase with optional 2nd and
3rd phase or 2nd power source detection and optional class 1 energy metering.
• Integrated Surge protection Metal Oxide Varistor with optional monitored surge option.
• GSM unit with Micro SIM socket, externally accessible or optional chip SIM.
• External GSM Antenna.
• Internal Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable backup battery and Charger.
• Simple and quick installation and setup procedure.
• Status LED indicators.
• Optional temperature, humidity, fluid and door contact sensor.
• SMS or GPRS with HTTP or MQTT communications protocol options.

Solar Container Monitoring Controller with Modbus with RTU Interfaced Sensors,
• Internal Relative Humidity sensor,
• 4 Temperature Ports (3 1-Wire Temp sensors INCLUDED (N1WTMP2M)),
• 2 Fuel Level channels (NO fuel level sensors included (NMPM426W-1M)),
• 1 Wind speed or Anemometer port (not included (N1WTMP2M or N5MWNDSPD1)),
• 1 High Accuracy Pyranometer or Solar Radiation meter port (NSRD-5)).

N30MWNDSPD1 – Pulsed Output  Anemometer or Windspeed meter with 30 meters of Weather/Sun Resistant Cable

N5MWNDSPD1 – Pulsed Output Anemometer or Windspeed meter, RS485 based with propriety protocol, for Extended Length Cables

NSRD-5 – High Accuracy Pyranometer or Solar Radiation meter

NMPM426W-1M Submersible Level Transmitter
• Submersible sensor in sealed stainless steel construction.
• Amplifier circuit in an IP68 sealed enclosure.
• Optional IP65 Waterproof Junction Box to ease wiring.
• Removable stainless steel cap to prevent diaphragm damage and for easy cleaning.
• Pressure range 1m to 10m in H2O.
• High pressure impact resistance, CE Certified
• Explosion-proof, product conforms to Exia II CT6 of Standard GB3836.4

Dual air conditioner controller with SNMP, AC version,
• 10/100BaseTX SNMP Ethernet Port with Link and Activity indicator,
• LCD display with Scroll Buttons,
• RS485 BUS Comms interface for at total of 4 x External Temperature (NTEMPRS485)and Humidity Probes (NBARRS485),
• Dual Power indicator to Input and Output Power for air conditioner feeds,
• Internal Dual  Power Metering and Temperature Sensors,
• Dual Air Conditioner Air flow sensors (NAM-SW) included,
• Dual Flooding Sensors Included (NH20DC),
• 1-Wire temperature probe included,
• Digital Outputs to control Circulation Fan, Airflow Shutter, Beacon Flushing Light (NRBEACON), Siren (NBUZ12VDC) and One spare
• Digital isolated Inputs for Optional, Dual Smoke detectors (NOSMKHEATD).

Dual air conditioner controller,
• Load cycling and monitoring of two air conditioners,
• RS485 bus based communications interface for single phase (32Am maximum) air conditioners,
• The unit can be configured to cycle between two air conditioners with one on while the other is off and both on when the temperature exceeds a preconfigured value.

3 phase air conditioner controller. Max 50A

Cloud Dashboard remote power monitoring & control with Inline GSM Power Monitor PH2 including monitoring of optional environmental sensors.

The ideal accompaniment for services businesses looking for a cost effective and easy way to deploy means to remotely monitor for business disruptions; such as power, temperature, humidity, flooding and even door contacts on their client’s sites. The device is particularly relevant for business-critical environments where the delivery of services are dependent on third party facilities like utility power and building HVAC systems for cooling.

FIRESMOTHERS6E – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 60g, 0.89 m³

FIRESMOTHER1SE- Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 100g, 1.49 m³

FIRESMOTHER2SE – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 250g, 3.73 m³

FIRESMOTHER5SE – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 500g, 7.46. m³

FIRESMOTHER10SE – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 1000g, 14.9.m³

FIRESMOTHER20SE – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 1500g, 22.4 m³

FIRESMOTHER35SE – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 2500g, 37.3 m³

FIRESMOTHER50SE – Fire Smother Electrical Monitored and Controlled Solid State Fire Suppression Module, 5000g, 75 m³

Why outsource the building or expanding of your data centre? With increased devices – as we have all come to realise – comes increased data, which needs to be stored and used in a way that will benefit the business.

Many businesses prefer to store their own vital corporate information as it feels more secure and what this will often call for, is the extension of existing infrastructure or building of new data centres in the business. But can you rely on your IT team to build a data centre environment that’s right for your business? The problem that comes in when relying solely on internal IT teams to manage the building of new data centres or extension of existing infrastructure, is that they are so often focused on keeping the lights on that they may not have the up to date knowledge and expertise to build an environment that meets your business needs at a price you can afford.

The building of a modern data centre incorporates many considerations. With a project like this there needs to be a perfect balance between time, scope and cost –the Triple Constraints of Project Management notion – for it to be successful. Your unique business requirements regarding things like storage, security and pricing need to be considered. You also don’t want your IT team to be roped in by IT suppliers who may be biased toward a certain product or brand as this could result in the dreaded vendor lock-in. When it comes to the modern data centre what most businesses need is the perfect combination of stability and flexibility. You need to know that you have the technology to keep the lights on, but at the same time will not hold you back from innovation.

Now what if you could recruit an outside team of experts that could build or expand a data centre based on your specific business needs from floor to ceiling, with a vendor agnostic approach and that will keep you in the loop at every stage from the inception stage to close out? Well, Netshield has that team. You can rely on the Netshield Consulting Services team, with its over 32 years’ experience in the ICT industry, to provide you with affordable, agnostic ICT and Electronic Consulting Services for your end-to-end data centre needs.

Our Consulting Services division will design and build your entire data centre and all aspects around it from flooring to cooling to access control, security and more, on your behalf, while also consulting you at each stage of the process to ensure you happy with the way things are going. The Netshield ICT & Electronic Consulting “built environment” life cycle has six stages including inception, concept and viability, design development, documentation and procurement, contract administration and inspection and close out. You will be involved at each stage, but simply to give your approval, our team will handle all the work.

Due to client demand we have also developed a range of consulting packages to meet specific client needs including Align IT, Secure IT, Architect IT, Design IT, Strategise IT, Continue IT and Manage IT. And to top it all off, we offer ICT project management services to ensure that time, cost and scope are in equilibrium in the project to ensure its success.

There’s a saying that it’s better to work smart, not hard, and that’s exactly what you will be doing if you leverage the Netshield Consulting Services team to build or extend your data centre.