Tired of not being able to find a Cisco compatible cable to use within your network? We have a range of Cisco compatible cables that will assist with all sizes of network implementations.

Netshield X21 Compatible Cables

These cables are typically used between the NTU (Modem) and the Cisco/3Com Router. It is an X21 cable with a DB15 connector that can be either Cisco HD60PW standard (large connector) or Smart Serial (represents the size of a USB connector and is sometimes referred to as WIG 1/2 connector).  Standard length is 3m, but longer lengths are available.

The following will be typical questions to qualify which cable to purchase:

  • Determine which standard connector is required (Cisco HD60PW or Smart Serial)
  • Determine whether a DTE (DB15 Male) or DCE (DB15 Female) interface cable is needed
  • Determine the length of the cable that is needed.

Cables Cisco and fibre

X21, RS232, RS530 and V35Interface cables

Download (PDF, 487KB)


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