Netshield stocks high quality products for the telecommunications environment, including TDM over IP Tunneling devices, Interface switches, Modem eliminators, IP Ethernet Multiplexers, Serial to Fibre Transceivers and Voice to Fibre Media Converters. 


Modem Eliminator

NV11V24 Modem Eliminator

Async to Sync Converters

NASYNC – Async to Sync converter

XGA to RGB Interface Switch

NXGARGB – XGA to RGB Converter

Data to Video/Audio Tranceivers

VDxxx9TRM -Audio,Video,Data Tranceivers

VDR1020 – Audio,Video,Data 14 Slot Chassis

VDR4020 – Audio,Video,Data 12 Slot Chassis

VDx0xxTRM – Video,Data Tranceivers

VDx001TRM – Video Tranceivers

VDx013TRM – Video Tranceivers

Interface Switches

RS232_422_485_to_Fiber Media Converter

RS232_422_485_to_Fiber Media Converter

RS232_422_485_to_Fiber Media Converter

NRS232-ETH1 Interface switch



NETH12E1DI – Dual Channel E1 Drop & Insert Multiplexer with a 10,100 base T local interface

NMUXIP1E1 – Ethernet to E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP16E1 – Ethernet to 16 x E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP8E1 – Ethernet to 8 x E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP4E1 – Ethernet to 4 x E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP2E1 – Ethernet to 2 x E1 Protocol Converter

NE2Fxx – 4 x E1 (E2) to Fibre Optic Mux

NE2Fxx-xxx – 2,4 x E1 (E2) to Fibre Optic Mux

TDM over IP Tunneling Devices

TDMOIP-8E1 – TDM over IP devices

TDMOIP-16E1 – TDM over IP devices

TDMOIP-xE1 – TDM over IP devices