Datacentre in a Box

If the thought of rolling out or expanding new technology in your business gives you a headache, we have a simple solution for you. IP54 rated Datacentre in a Box – a completely self-contained, standalone server room that can be wheeled in & deployed in minutes. Manage your IoT enabled SCC within a private network or in the Cloud through a simple dashboard.

This is not just any box. This is a box that enables you to wheel in and roll out an entire technology infrastructure in minutes. It is a stand-alone server room boasting all your needs in one environment and it secures and protects your technology assets, what’s more is that all of this is controlled by you – from a single IP address.

The DCIB is fast, low maintenance and allows your business to start working straight away. It’s cost-effective and gets rid of the need to invest in scarce technical skills, hours of configuration while eliminating large physical investments into a server room.

  • Access Control managed through the onboard Wiegand ports connecting to any RFID/Biometric/Keypad devices.
  • Control of electronic locks and locking system on the doors.
  • Monitoring of various door switches.
  • Monitors environmental conditions reporting on temperature, humidity and flooding.
  • Monitors and controls power feeds through the UPS and metered PDU’s.
  • Serially communicates to the UPS’s, configuring and displaying UPS status.
  • Smoke and heat optical detection.
  • Controls and monitors solid state fire extinguishers.
  • Monitors and controls air conditioners and checks air flow.
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring and configuration through onboard SNMP
  • 24/7 SMS backup emergency reporting and remote SMS control.
  • Emailed reports summaries of user definable statistical event reports.
  • Internal battery backup for controller.
  • Surge and Lightning protection are monitored for damage and can be expanded to multi-stage protection.
  • Monitored optically isolated WAN network Interfaces.
  • Core units, including network interface protection and distribution with optional network interface isolation as options.
  • Matching air conditioners of 500w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w and 4000 watts.
  • Self‐contained equipment cabinets available in various sizes 15U (wall mountable), 25U, 42U, 47U size floor standing units.
  • Self‐contained enclosures can be ordered in a knock down format for easy shipping.

 DCIB Expansion Capabilities

Netshield is a part of WestconGroup Southern Africa which means that units can be tailor-made to include a wireless bay station, networking switches, patch panels, data blades and any other technologies available through the company. The unit is then preconfigured and set up by Netshield for easy on-site installation, giving you everything you need in a data centre but none of the work.

Need to know more? Give us a call – because there is a whole lot more under the hood – but we would prefer to talk you through these personally.

Self-contained Cabinet Animated Video