Our fiber patch leads are all duplex, allowing you to make use of them to both transmit and receive data. Our leads are available in a variety of lengths in both multi and single mode.

Netshield  Fibre Patch Leads

Fibre Patch Leads are often also referred to as Fibre Pigtail leads and can either be standard or ruggedized (extra protective shielding). The Netshield range is standard, but ruggedized can be obtained if quantities justify it.

Fibre Patch Leads are used between the Splice Tray and equipment such as a media converter or a switch. It is always important to remember that a Fibre Patch lead has 2 sides. The Netshield range is duplex, which means that it can transmit as well as receive.  It is important to qualify the connector on both sides.

Standard lengths are 1m, 3m and 6m.  Other lengths can be obtained if the quantities justify it.

The following will be typical questions to qualify which Fibre Patch Lead to quote on:

  • Determine the connecters required on both sides
  • Determine whether Multi-mode (Orange) or Single-mode (Yellow) is needed
  • Determine the length of patch lead that is required

Cables Cisco and fibre

Multi Mode/Single Mode

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