At Netshield, we stock top notch bridging and true converters. Both ranges are of the highest quality and will meet all your networking, video and industrial needs.

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Understanding Fibre to Data/Video/Voice Media Converters

Netshield has various types of media converters available so in order for us to help you choose the right one, we need you to tell us exactly what your needs are.

We sell three groups of media converters namely:

  • Fibre to Data
  • Fibre to Video
  • Fibre to Voice

Fibre to Data

These converters are known by many names which aside from Fibre to Data, include Fibre to Ethernet, Fibre to Copper, UTP to Fibre or Fibre to IP converters. Multi-mode comes standard with ST or SC connectors, while Single-mode comes standard with SC connectors.

Imported Bridging Converters

The Netshield Media Converter range is imported and brings the local market excellent quality converters at a competitive price point. These are bridging converters that can act as a two port switch, have product codes that begin with NB and come with a yearlong warranty. Our Fibre to Data converters are available in 10/100 or 10/100/1000 (1GB), these standards determine how fast data is sent.

Because these are bridging converters, there might be a slight delay in data transmission depending on the layout of your network. Our bridging converters are table top units that come in metal boxes and have external Power Supply Units (SPU). If you need many for a site, these can be organised – metal case and all – into a Netshield 14-way chassis or converted (card only) to fit into a Netshield 6- or 16-way chassis. If you need the latter, you can get a quote from the Netshield Sales Division.

Locally made Converter Range

The locally manufactured Netshield Media Converter range is slightly more expensive than the imported range but is of superior quality, and can be identified by product codes that start with NTF. This is a range of straight forward converters that guarantee that there’s no delay in data transmission. These are perfect for applications in which you can’t afford a delay in data transmission like Fibre to IP (camera).

They are only available in 10/100, come with a lifetime carry-in warranty and are a little bigger than the imported range. Table-top versions have plastic casings and have an internal Power Supply Unit (PSU). The rack-mountable versions can be mounted in a 6- or 16-way chassis.

It’s possible to mount both imported and local Netshield Media Converters into in one chassis, as well as mix 10/100 and 10/100/1000 (1Gb) as the chassis only supplies power. The chassis comes standard with one power supply but if you need two power supplies, you can get a quotation from the Netshield Sales Division.

The NITF range is also locally manufactured and is an industrial range that is much more robust than the NTF series. These converters come in hard, durable metal casing and are without power supplies but will only require additional power supply if you use 48V power and have power requirements other than the normal range between 12-30V. If you require an additional power supply you can request a quote from the Netshield Sales Division.

Fibre to Video

Netshield Fibre to Video converters are available in Video, Video/Data and Video/Data/Audio.

  • The Video option will allow you to install a simple camera and will give you a single spot view.
  • The Video/Data option will allow you to install a dome camera that is operated with a joystick from the control room, which will provide a wide-eye-view.
  • The Video/Data/Audio option will allow the same as the Video/Data option, with the addition of audible speech.

These units are currently not on the standard price list and but if you would like more information you can contact the Netshield Sales Division.

Fibre to Voice

Our Fibre to Voice Converters are always used with PABXs and are the Netshield NE2 series. This unit can also be referred to as a Multiplexer. This converter extends an

Ask yourself these questions to determine which converter you need:

  • What is the application? The answer will determine whether you need Fibre to Data, Video or Voice Converter.
  • How many RJ45 connectors do I need? This only applies if it’s a Fibre to Data converter. If you need two RJ45 connectors then take a look at our NBAUTO2 series.
  • Do I need multi-mode or single-mode? If you need multi-mode, you need to determine if an SC or ST connector is needed.
  • Do I need a table top or rack-mounted converter? If you need rack-mounts, ensure that you get a quote on the appropriate chassis as well.
  • What speed (10/100 or 10/100/1000) and distance is needed? It you need 10/100, determine whether a bridging or straight forward converter is needed. This will determine if you need an imported (NBAUTO) or local (NTF) converter. If you need 10/100/1000 you’ll need to look at the NB1110 range.
  • Do I need a managed or unmanaged converter? Managed converters are only available in our imported (NBAUTSN) range.



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UTP/Copper/Ethernet/data to Fibre

Imported Range:

NBCHASSIS14 – 14-way Chassis for nesting Bridge Converters

NBAUTOTxx – 10,100 base TX to Fibre Ethernet Bridge Media Converters

NBAUTO2Txx – Dual 10,100 base TX to Fibre Ethernet Bridge Media Converters

NB1110Txx – 10,100,1000 base TX to Fibre Ethernet Bridge Media Converters

NB1110SFP – 10,100,1000 Bridge SFP Media Converter

Local Range:

NCHASSISxx – 6,16 slot Nesting Chassis

NTFAUTOxxx (2) – 10,100 Auto Sensing Media Converter

 Serial (485/RS232) to Fibre

RS232_422_485_to_Fiber Media Converter

Ethernet to E1/Ethernet Multiplexers

NETH12E1DI – Dual Channel E1 Drop & Insert Multiplexer with a 10,100 base T local interface

NMUXIP1E1 – Ethernet to E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP2E1 – Ethernet to 2 x E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP4E1 – Ethernet to 4 x E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP8E1 – Ethernet to 8 x E1 Protocol Converter

NMUXIP16E1 – Ethernet to 16 x E1 Protocol Converter

E1 to Ethernet/TDMOIP

TDMOIP-8E1 – TDM over IP devices

TDMOIP-16E1 – TDM over IP devices

TDMOIP-xE1 – TDM over IP devices

E1/G703/Voice to Fibre

NE2Fxx – 4 x E1 (E2) to Fibre Optic Mux

NE2Fxx-xxx – 2,4 x E1 (E2) to Fibre Optic Mux

Serial to Ethernet/IP

NRS232-ETH1 Interface switch

Analog to Ethernet/ IP


Analog/Video to Fibre

VDR1020 – Audio,Video,Data 14 Slot Chassis

VDR4020 – Audio,Video,Data 12 Slot Chassis

VDx0xxTRM – Video,Data Tranceivers

VDx001TRM – Video Tranceivers

VDx013TRM – Video Tranceivers

VDxxx9TRM -Audio,Video,Data Tranceivers

Industrial Converters

NITFAUTOTxx 10,100 Auto-sensing media converters