Take advantage of a flexible way to get Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the Netshield PoE midspan units. We provide a range of injectors, splitters or combined units.

NPOE Mid Span units

These units supply power to devices in established networks where power points are not available, or to simplify power supply to avoid cluttering at plugs. Eskom power supply 48VDC power. The Netshield Power over Ethernet mid span units offer an alternative solution by gaining power from the network. Data will come from the switch in the network through the midspan unit to supply data and power to a device, for example printers, cameras, wireless access points or telephones. Today there are switches available with PoE capabilities which will eliminate the need for some mid span units. The target market for these Netshield mid span units will then be for already designed, existing networks and where budget is a consideration to solve problems on power.

The following units are available from Netshield:

NPOE-48V-G – A single port, high power PoE PSE solution for remote PoE PD devices. Generating up to 30W, NPOE-48V-G supplies remote power for new applications such as wireless access points, PTZ IP cameras and videophones.

NPOE-PSE24 – This is a 24 port midspan unit that can connect up to 24 devices. It is a 1U rack mountable device with an internal power supply, supplying 48VDC.

NPOE-04-48V – This is a smaller alternative to the NPOE-PSE24 and is a 4 port standalone, table top midspan unit that comes with an external power supply.

NPOE24VPOE24VS – This set contains 2 Single (1 port) standalone devices, which will work on devices that work with 5V, 9V or 12V. The one device will be used in the cabinet with its power supply and the other unit will be connected en route to the 5V, 9V or 12V device.

NPOE-48V – This is a single 1 port table top midspan unit that connects to devices that work with 48V.

NPOE-48VS – When a network contains a PoE switch it will give 48V power. Use this device to connect to 5V, 9V or 12V devices. This product is also referred to as a PoE splitter because it literally splits power and data. It is a single 1 port device.

Before quoting a client on a midspan unit obtain the following information:

  • What is the voltage of the devices that need to be powered?
  • How many devices need to be powered?



Download (PDF, 356KB)

NPoE-04-48V – 4 way 48V Injector

NPOE48V – Injector


NPOE48VS 48V splitter

Combined Injectors/Splitters

NPOE24VPOE24VS – 24V Injector, Splitter