Remote Environmental monitoring / control systems

With the NVIROMON-Ulti-1S you get an environmental monitoring system that will assist with 24/7 monitoring of server rooms or remote sites, with particular reference to the data centre.

The Netshield NVIROMON-ULTI-1S, an intelligent IoT enabled environmental monitoring and control gateway. It provides users access to a device that offers full IoT enablement, traditional SNMP manageability, as well as enhanced intelligent features, to support monitoring and management of connected devices / sensors within any monitoring and control environment. This enables a customer to merge and migrate from traditional SNMP managed environments to an industrialised IoT environment.

This product is an environmental monitoring and control gateway that services today’s phenomenon of collaborative sensing and intelligent control, at the point of presence of the installation and with its small form factor, taking only 1U rack space, it is easy to add into an existing environment. The true benefit of the NVIROMON-ULTI-1S is that it is enhanced as an intelligent gateway and is able to control local events, send alerts, as well as relay all events – either singularly or simultaneously, through IoT based or/and SNMP protocols to your IoT/cloud or private networked database-based servers, for storage and big data analysis. Critically it boasts, amongst others, enhanced features in five key areas, namely: environmental monitoring, security, fire systems, air conditioning/HVAC and power systems.

Naccumon, a standalone unit that on its own can regulate a pre-set temperature, automatically switching between 2 single phase air conditioners.

Many server rooms have more than one air conditioner, blowing away at a constant rate to keep the room cool enough that the servers will not overheat and bomb out, or to prevent other sensitive equipment from being damaged. At the same time, unfortunately, it sends the electricity bill sky high.

Therefore Netshield developed the Naccumon, a standalone unit that on its own can regulate a pre-set temperature, automatically switching between 2 single phase air conditioners. When a temperature sensor senses that the room is warming up for reasons such as doors being left open, it will ensure that both air conditioners are running until the preferred temperature is reached again and then only switch to one to keep the temperature constant. This can result into up to a 50% saving on electricity used by the air conditioners and also prolong the life of these single phase units’ next service cycle. The Naccumon is not only a device to regulate air conditioners and temperature but it also provides Type III surge protection for these units and is able to inform you of temperature condition changes in the room and the condition of the physical units via sms or email.


Cloud Dashboard remote power monitoring & control with Inline GSM Power Monitor PH2 including monitoring of optional environmental sensors.

The ideal accompaniment for services businesses looking for a cost effective and easy way to deploy means to remotely monitor for business disruptions; such as power, temperature, humidity, flooding and even door contacts on their client’s sites. The device is particularly relevant for business-critical environments where the delivery of services are dependent on third party facilities like utility power and building HVAC systems for cooling.

Inline NGSMPM-PH2 Power Monitor

Notifies via sms or email after information of sensors such as temperature, humidity, flooding, door status, power status and Class1 energy meter is updated to a Cloudbase database. Ideal for server rooms, data centres and remote equipment such as ATM’s, kiosks, cabinets & containers.

GSM Based Single phase utility mains power failure Monitor with; Sensor expansion interfaces, Micro SIM socket, externally accessible, External GSM Antenna SMA socket, Internal rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer backup battery and Charger, Status LED indicators, 1-Wire Temperature sensor interface, I2C Humidity sensor interface, Analogue Water Sensor Interface, NO/NC contact input, 8 x Customizable 3V3 unprotected IO and GPRS & optional SMS messaging.


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