This range consists of high reliability, high efficiency and good voltage conditioning UPSs. It is a line-interactive UPS that is ideal for rack or distributed servers and/or harsh power environments.

A Netshield UPS can either be on-line or line interactive:

  • On-line = It supplies power the same way mains provide power and offers more in terms of quality and function ability (NRK and NKU Range)
  • Line Interactive = Supply power from bypass through transformer and is a basic UPS for the SOHO environment (NLI Range)

In order to know which UPS to purchase, the following information must be supplied:

  • VA requirements: The VA rating is the maximum number of Volts Amps it can deliver. In order to calculate what capacity is needed, one must add up all the wattages of all the equipment that one would like to keep running in times of a sudden power failure. These wattages are always indicated on the relevant products. This total wattage must then be multiplied with 0.6 in order to calculate the Voltage Ampere (VA) (Example: Server 650W, Switch 200W, Router 200W = 1050W x 0.6 + 30% to allow for VA used by the UPS itself to function = 819VA = 1KVA UPS will be sufficient)
  • Back-up time required: How long the UPS will keep the specified equipment running if power failures occur. If extended time is needed which is more than the UPS can offer, external batteries and cabinets are available.
  1. 1.  Netshield Line Interactive Range (Product code starts with NLI)

This range is only available in 600VA, 1400VA and 2000VA and is suitable for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environment. It is a table top unit that comes standard with internal batteries supplying back-up time between 2 to 8 minutes, depending on the load. There are no external batteries or cabinets available to extend back-up time. The unit also does not provide surge suppression or voltage regulation, but if surge protection is required the Netshield NLSP range can be offered as an optional extra.


NLI Range Line Interactive Tower Units (Batteries Included)