Flame proof LED Lighting

These are LED lights that are flame proof, Shock proof, Energy Saving and Robust. They are therefore well suited to the mining environment or any other environment that might require robust lighting.

These lights are attached to mining vehicles in order to supply light, indicate intension of direction, notifying forward or backward movements of vehicle or whether the vehicle is moving or not.

Maxi Light:

The Maxi light is a headlight that gives intensely bright light in order to supply maximum vision in dark surroundings. Its illumination capabilities are typically 25 Lux (Strength of Light) at 20 meters.

Mini Light:

The mini light is a headlight that gives a dimmer light in order not to blind workers and has illumination capabilities of typically 8 Lux at 20 meters.

Spy Light:

The spy light is a headlight installed at the front or back of a vehicle that has a video camera in the centre of the light. It supplies the operator in the cabin with full colour front and rear views of areas that are otherwise not visible without a video camera. The video signals can be recorded for incident analysis and improve safety while operating the vehicle. Its illumination capabilities are typically 10 Lux (Strength of Light) at 20 meters.

Warning/Indicator Light:

These lights are flickering lights that are available in either red or green. It indicates intention to turn as well as the direction.

Directional Light:

This is a dual light with a red indicator on the one side and a green indicator on the other side. It is typically used to indicate in what direction the vehicle is moving or to indicate the front or back of a vehicle.

Rotating Strobe light:

This light typically indicates whether a vehicle is moving or standing still.

 IS 5V Power supply

This product is a robust 5V Power Supply that complies with the Intrinsic Safety Measurements compulsory for products to be used in mines. It is certified “Explosion Protected” and is suitable for use in hazardous locations complying with the regular requirements of SANS Standards.

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