Daily all over South-Africa, miners pick up their cap lamps and equipment to enter a mining area. Having to move around in dark shafts and tunnels it is definitely not one of the easiest professions in the world and is riddled with all kinds of danger. The health and safety of these employees should be the prime concern of the employer. Therefore Netshield, together with the initiative of Willbatt, developed a system that can effectively control and monitor:

  • Which miner enters a controlled area, when, and at what time.
  • Whether these miners are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and are in possession of a cap lamp.
  • Whether all of these miners that entered are safely out of the mine before blasting or after a shift.
  • That there are no unauthorised entries.
  • It enables the manager to have Time and Attendance records of all entries and exits, and to manage stock and maintenance cycles of equipment.

Access is controlled with fingerprint scanners and no one that is not registered as an authorised employee or visitor will be able to gain access to the mining area.  Equipment contains RFID tags and is allocated to authorised employees and visitors through a barcode system. This allows for close monitoring of stock levels, damaged equipment can be allocated for repairs, missing or obsolete equipment can be removed from the system and spare equipment can be allocated at the same time keeping record of equipment use of each miner.

Reports that are generated includes the following:

  • Employee information
  • Allocated equipment information
  • Access Information
  • Employee’s location status
  • Time and attendance

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