NX Dosi (Noise Exposure Measurement and Recording system)

The NX Dosi is a product that is integrated as part of the lamp on a miner’s hard hat. It performs the function of measuring and recording noise levels which a miner is exposed to during a work shift. Because it is mounted to the hardhat and powered by the same battery as the cap lamp, it ensures that the assessment is done on the person wearing it. This ensures that the measurement data recorded is accurate and represents the true noise exposure of an individual.

By recording and analysing the exposure to noise levels experienced by an individual, it is the ideal tool to manage the amount of noise that might have an impact on the hearing of that individual in the future.

The recorded data is downloaded to a database immediately on docking during the battery charging period. The NX Dosi can measure and record up to maximum of 24 hours, although shifts are not that long and typically will only be utilized for an average of 10 hours.

The device weighs less than a 100g and is made of a high impact ABS plastic.

It is SANS 10083 and IEC61252 certified and therefore complies with all intrinsic safety standards compulsory for products to be used in the mines.


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Dosi-Sign (Noise level Warning Sign)

This product senses and monitors noise levels in an area, and as soon as it exceeds a safe level for human hearing, it will illuminate a bright warning display notifying the workers that earplugs need to be inserted into the ears.

The maximum safe level is set to 85 decibel within a range of 10m, and therefore protects employees working in this range against dangerously high noise levels which might cause hearing loss or deafness.

It is 30cm high and 30cm wide and can be mounted where it can be clearly noticed by employees. The display will always be visible, even in bright environment light because the illumination intensity automatically adjusts itself as light changes. The sign will indicate a safe noise level with green illumination and an unsafe noise level with bright red illumination.

The Dosi-Sign enclosure is dust, water and impact resistant and is supplied with fitting fixtures for easy instillation. It uses a standard power supply of 240V AC and recording of noise levels is an available option.

Dosi-Sign – Product Brief

Download (PDF, 678KB)

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