N-ATS-2X30A-8C131C19 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

This Automatic Transfer Switch device is designed with dual 30-Amp independent power inlets to supply power to the load from dual power sources. Should the primary power source fail, the secondary will automatically back up the connected equipment without any interruption. The transfer time from one power source to another is seamless to the connected equipment. The device will restore feed from the primary source when this power is restored.

It is vitally important to have uninterrupted power in the data center environment and to increase the resilience of your electrical power installation.

The incorporation of an ATS and backup systems are critical to the reliability of your critical equipment uptime and to sustain continuous power feed to critical systems. With the Netshield ATS device maintenance to primary and secondary power feeding systems can be accomplished without any systems downtime.

  • Dual 32Amp power feeding circuits for independent sources
  • Dual internal power supplies
  • Dual voltage detection and rating circuitry
  • Front panel selection
  • Remote management contacts
  • 19 Inch 1U rack mountable
  • Front panel mounted Status indictors
  • Front panel accessible RS232 and USB ports
  • Equipment power sockets 8 x IEC C13 and 1 X IEC C19


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