Netshield Technologies, a member of the Netshield South Africa Group, is a Level 1 BB-BEE business providing customers access to the full spectrum of tailor-made end-to-end IoT and cloud-based technology solutions and services from Netshield. The primary benefactor of the Netshield Technologies Trust is the Tshwane Christian School, and its management is made up of the active directors from the school. Furthermore, profits made by the business are used to further fund and assist learners from the school.

Through Netshield Technologies customers will enjoy access to the products and solutions developed by Netshield’s experienced teams of research and development engineers that today specialise in technological, element and component level development for amongst others the IT management, financial, medical and mining industries. The full remit of solutions extend datacentre, IoT, IIoT (Industrial IoT), cloud-based solution, monitoring and automation, power generation and backup, renewable energy, communications and security solutions and are made up of a collection of inhouse developed as well as third party OEM products.

As a Level 1 BB-BEE business, customers engaging with Netshield Technologies can claim as much as 135% of their contribution towards their BB-BEE points.

Should you have any queries or would like to discuss how you can benefit from working with Netshield Technologies please contact Rene Breedt on 012-8410320 or email to