Do you know what all to consider when planning Access Control for your server room?

The Netshield NVIROMON-1S not only monitors and controls a room’s temperature and humidity, detecting unwanted gases or fire – it also provides full access control!

As no server room is alike it can sometimes be complex to know the requirements of equipment needed when researching a monitoring and control system for the server room. Take the following in consideration:

  • Keep in mind the number of doors that will be requiring access control because that will determine how many latching mechanism you will need (Magnetic lock/Strike Lock), also if you want your system to inform you whether the door is open or closed and decide if you want to perform access control with fingerprint readers or Keypad/Token readers.
  • Decide whether you want to perform proper access authentication and time attendance and if you need to record who is accessing the protected area because that will determine your need for equipment such as cameras.
  • Be aware of the size of your server room because a huge room might require more movement sensors.
  • Keep in mind if the room has a false floor or ceiling, if there is a cable tray under the ceiling and whether you want to do the cabling in the ceiling or the floor.
  • To ease installation headaches supply information such as what material the access wall is made of (to determine drill bits), where the site is located (determines travel times and costs), consider that you would require 1U pace in one of your cabinets for the Nviromon unit and make sure you have 2 power outlet plugs available. Also consider how much down time you be able to handle to allow installation.
  • Determine whether you need the system to act as a security system and would you like it to control lights/air conditioners in accordance with movement.
  • For SNMP monitoring you need to decide on which devices you want monitored and whether you want to be notified through sms or email or both.

Some more info on the Netshield Nviromon Access Control System:

It gives you full control over who enters the room, when and why. An optional full security alarm system captures images of people entering and, best of all, it will remotely alert you to unauthorised entry via SMS. Doors can also be opened and closed remotely.

• Controls access through entry or exit points
• Alerts when door is not closed properly
• Controls door via magnetic locks, strike locks or solenoids – can be set up to lock/unlock door during emergency
• Sends SMS for unauthorised entry – activates alarm signals, such as flashing lights and sirens
• Remotely opens/closes door via SMS or computer network connectivity
• Personal record management, image capture via IP based camera, finger registration
• Accommodates Wiegand-based access control terminals, such as fingerprint scanners, RFID tags, keypads
• Built-in battery provides backup power
• Logs all events in database
• Multi-IO unit provides additional inputs and outputs, as well as backup power for magnetic locks and fingerprint readers – ensures security still active during power failure
• Can be integrated into existing systems

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