Does size matter when it comes to network conversion?

20150907_114904These days everything seems to get smaller…

Does size matters?
Yes, with our new range of we bring you a “tiny” answer to your big problems. the units have the option of a selectable SFP slot that can be used for either a single or multi-mode 1GBE SFP module which means they can be seamlessly integrated into any network.  Included is a very durable 3-pin South African plug on each, with its own external AC power supply. They can also withstand power spikes caused from inconsistent power supply or even load shedding

What exactly is this new products on the shelf at Netshield?
The Netshield Mini 10/100/1000BaseTX (MiniMC-GBE) as well as the Netshield Mini 10/100BaseTX (MiniMC-FE series) to Fibre Bridge Media Converters is a new product launch from Netshield. Both versions come coupled with Link Fault Pass-through (LFP), a reliable external power supply, including an expertly fitted Standard South African 3-pin Plug for Table Top or Rack Mountable applications.

What makes them different?
They’re small. They’re neat. They seamlessly integrate into a network without the need for bulky adaptors and cables and they’re extremely competitively priced and there is plenty of stock on the shelf.

Who should use them?
They are ideal for companies looking to marry their voice and data networks or add fibre into an existing network. The Netshield Mini Fibre Ethernet Bridge Media Converters integrate seamlessly into any network and convert two types of media to ensure consistent network connectivity.

Is there still a need for these?
Media converters are extremely popular for networking engineers and companies that don’t want to rip out and replace parts of their network when they want to simply extend it. The Netshield mini media converters are the perfect fit for virtually all networking environments from small businesses to larger enterprises. They are also ideal for cable installers, and offer up easy to install extensions over fibre over which any WAN connectivity can run. They also offer extreme flexibility as you can slot 36 rack-mounted mini converters in a 3U networking space and 18 into a 1.5 U environment.

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