Don’t ditch your cabinets – retrofit intelligent handles to them!

Datacentre’s are expensive to deploy and they can, in no time, turn into a jumble of cables that no one has any visibility of or even an idea of what belongs to what. Which is exactly why today’s businesses are opting for secure and self-contained cabinets.

But again, these can be costly to deploy, and after all who wants to buy new when you have literally dozens of these, now expensive book cases in your business? It is exactly because of this that we have introduced our Netshield Smart PDU controlled Intelligent Handles with sensors – transforming your old cabinets into Secure Intelligent Cabinets.

So before you decide to toss out your cabinets or transform them into the new “millennial retro industrial bookshelf” retrofit a Netshield Smart PDU controlled Intelligent Handles, and some sensors, where your existing handles are and convert them. Now you can put control of your assets back into the hands of your IT teams as they are able to control all your infrastructural services from one IP address. You select the IP, assign it to a device of your choice and voila! Control is in your hands.

You can also take advantage of continuous monitoring and configuration that you can enable through the handle’s on-board SNMP or cloud enabled interface. In addition, why not leverage backup emergency reporting and control through a GSM/SMS optional interface, this really is the perfect solution for not only your old infrastructure but also for remote datacentres on site or branch offices.

What does the solution offer?

  • Outlet-level or point of presence event data collection
  • Provide active Class 1 metering to provide energy predictability, optimisation, circuit protection and sensor connectivity
  • Create user-defined upper and lower alarm thresholds to lessen risk with real-time remote alerts, to warn of potential circuit overloads
  • Provide insight into access events and environmental threshold transgressions
  • Have either integrated RFID card reader technology or keypad and network communication (RS485/422) interfaces for remote door control and monitoring of the door’s status
  • Monitoring, control, configuration and alert event logging messaging is relayed through its internal conversion gateway on either SNMP or AMQP protocols to centralised database services
  • LED indicators on the intelligent handles, provide a visual status and event indication, with a direct input for door contact monitoring, direct error output and type III equipment level surge protection

The Netshield Smart PDU controlled intelligent handles come in two sizes, including the J3X and J5X. The team has taken careful care to ensure the direct replacement of standard key based cabinet door-locks or handles, as both can fit existing front and rear door handle cut-outs.