Environmental monitoring from a single device

Nviromon 1-S (3)Customers looking for a single device to assist them with monitoring and managing their environmental management, , power and even get a better handle on fire management need look no further than the Nviromon.

A single device that is capable of the full spectrum of environmental management, the Nviromon offers customers the ability to remotely manage and control their server rooms, businesses or even remote renewable energy sites, from a single management console and a single device.

What sets the device apart from its competitors? On one device, whereas many suppliers offer the same functionality across multiple devices it has the ability to monitor and control access control, environmental conditions, fire and Power.

With the Nviromon you can detect and proactively react to power outages, dictate who has access to specific environments, seamlessly add a security camera to your environment and you can even have a visual of who is entering your environment. What’s more is that the Nviromon will proactively alert you via SMS if you aren’t within the direct vicinity of your management console.

With its small form factor, multiple monitoring tools, ability to integrate seamlessly with existing environments, the Nviromon is the ideal device for customers who are serious about environmental monitoring across multiple applications.