HOW TO: Regain control of your electricity supply

Netshield Inverter/Battery Solution (NIC)

Netshield Inverter/Battery Solution (NIC)

Netshield South Africa’s CEO has spoken out about the problem of unreliable power supply in the country and stated that South Africans need to take independent action to mitigate the effects of this reality.

One way to do this is with NIC (Netshield Inverter/Charger): an affordable, scalable, flexible power sourcing solution that keeps critical electricity services functioning during power outages. In plain English, it allows you to continue performing those electricity-dependent functions that are absolutely necessary to keep your business or home running.What those critical electrical services are, depends on your needs. For some businesses, that may be an entire computer network, sophisticated telephony, and sufficient lighting for personnel to work in, for others just a basic phone system, internet-connectivity and one or two computers. In a home environment it may come down to keeping a few lights, the refrigerator, security system, and the TV running.

A simple, but elegant solution to keeping your critical electrical services running, whose genius lies in the automatic and flexible manner in which it sources the power needed to charge the batteries that allow it to do so.

Being an Inverter/Charger simply means that NIC both stores (charges) electricity in the battery bank it is hooked up to, and converts that direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) before supplying that power as an alternative to your usual line power from the grid.

NIC charges its batteries from either one or all of three possible places; primarily from Photo Voltaic solar arrays (solar panels), secondary the power utility feed (the grid, while it’s available) or a back-up diesel generator.

As a business owner, this solution presents you with the freedom to reduce your reliability on an unreliable electrical grid, take back your power, secure a competitive advantage over less forward-thinking competitors and mitigate the risks associated with downtime due to power outages. As a homeowner, it improves your family’s quality of life, diminishes the security risks associated with blackouts and security system downtime, and offers the reassurance of continuity in routine.

Having made the decision to take back your power in this manner, all that’s required is that you use this power responsibly and not take it for granted.

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