In a tough environment you need a tougher network

IE Switches2Netshield has launched a range of products that specifically designed to withstand tough environments like that of a factory. Not all business is conducted by people wearing suits and ties, but by people wearing protective clothing, safety boots, hard hats and safety goggles. What does a network look like in the industrial context? Well, it needs to be a whole lot tougher.

Environmental conditions are the predominant reason that IE products are different to their standard counterparts. In contrast to the conditions that are typical of an office environment, industrial locations are frequently subject to high humidity, excessive dust or other particulate matter, extreme temperatures, and vibrations caused by whichever manufacturing processes take place in that location.

While these conditions may be customary in the manufacturing world, in the context of standard equipment they are what we would call “extreme elements and environmental factors.”

In short, standard Ethernet connectors and switches are wholly unsuited to, and incapable of, operating under these conditions. Yet, the industrial sector increasingly requires such equipment to drive its automation or process controls. What is needed then, are IE devices that are insulated against moisture and particulate matter; able to withstand extreme temperatures; are rugged and robust by design; and which can ensure quality signal and packet transmission across the network.

Here are some questions you should ask before choosing the right IE products for your environment:

– How fast do you need data transferred? Transferring data in a fast, efficient and safe manner are additional key considerations in the industrial workplace, and which are increasingly driving the choice of fibre optical network cable, or fibre Ethernet, over Gigabit Ethernet cables.
– Is your network equipment protected from industrial processes? Our Netshield Industrial products rise to the challenges presented by the proximity of Ethernet technology to industrial processes and the resulting extreme elements and environmental factors.
– Is your network prepared for the power requirements of an industrial environment? Power requirements in industrial environments are different to those in data networks, Netshield Industrial Products accept dual DC power input, with varying voltage ranges offered by the different products.
– Is your network dust proof? Netshield Industrial Products all feature IP40 protection, affording them protection against the ingress of particles with a diameter greater than one millimetre.

Within the Netshield Industrial Products range are a variety of media converters; managed and unmanaged switches; Ethernet to serial conversion products; a data line surge protector; and industrial power supplies.

Find out more about the features and full list of the Netshield IE product range HERE.