Load shedding solutions: Once bitten,twice shy?

Have you had the unfortunate experience of burning your fingers in trying to obtain a solution for load shedding or going partially or entirely off the grid? Once bitten, twice shy maybe?

Unfortunately it is a reality that in this current power crisis that South-Africa is experiencing, people are in desperate need for solutions that will assist them and their business to stay afloat when there is no power. But with so many solutions and products available which some are from totally unreliable sources, people are experiencing as expressed in Afrikaans “goedkoop is duur koop” situations.

Many people think that buying a generator is the only affordable solution but with that comes the cost of maintaining it properly in order for it to work when needed as well as the ongoing running costs such as fuel. Then there are the social issues such as the noise and well documented rising theft of from properties.

Madam and Eve Generator

Others look at solutions that tie in the grid or go off the grid but often dealing with companies that are just in the business to sell a few solar panels and inverters, the most important aspect of proper planing is ignored which results in wasted expenses by the solutions not delivering as promised.

The important thing is to do thorough research and get advice from reputable and experienced professionals, as well as rethinking the way you use power. The latter impacts on the costs of the optimal solution as electricity is no longer a cheap and freely available commodity.

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