Need help building or expanding a data centre?

Our specialised Netshield Consulting Services team has all the experience – over 32 years of it – in the ICT and electronics industry that you need to create robust, vendor agnostic data centre environments from floor to ceiling.

So what makes our offering special? Locally, we have spent the most time on design in this specific area and our significant experience in projects like these have developed our alternative approach to the building of data centres, which focuses on actual client needs and the result is not only a solution that works but one that we ensure is affordable for you. And the fact that we are one in very few local vendors that charges in Rands is an added bonus.

We will do everything for you, from the design and specifications to the bill of quantity development for all technology related to your data centre. So if you are planning a new building development or expansion of your existing IT infrastructure we will help you develop a detailed scope of work, which you can then send out to the market for tenders.

The Netshield Consulting Services “built environment” process is made up of six stages including inception, concept and viability, design development, documentation and procurement, contract administration and inspection, and close out. We promise to ensure that you approve of the process every step of the way, and will make sure that it’s compliant and that you have all the necessary documents.

To make Netshield Consulting Services even more appealing is the range of “packaged” consulting services we have developed due to customer demand. These include Align IT, Secure IT, Architect IT, Design IT, Strategise IT, Continue IT and Manage IT. Each package has been designed to meet specific sets of client needs.

Add to that our ICT project management services offering and you really won’t have to do anything but give the thumbs up and we will handle the planning, organising and delineating for the completion of your ICT goals, as well as ensure that project is successful by balancing time, cost and scope.

At Netshield Consulting Services we like doing things differently, using our expertise in various areas from electrical, to engineering, IT infrastructure and software to create the data centre environments that will enrich your business without breaking the budget.

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