Netshield gets grand with renewable energy solutions

stand 7 small Stand 4 smallOn the weekend of the 29-31 May, Netshield got involved at “a truly creative affair” with their stand at the Grand Designs Live Home & Garden Show at the Coca-Cola Dome. They took the opportunity to show visitors at the show how they can draw their control of electricity back into their own hands with their products and solutions.
They showcased their battery inverter solution, a flexible power solution with a scalable battery bank acting as a power source when there is no other power available. But why should you buy this solution instead of a generator?
Well, while generators are perfect for larger installations, they aren’t always a good idea in private homes or small businesses because:
– You will probably get complaints from neighbors about the noise
– If it isn’t enough that the price of electricity is rising, you will have to fork out extra cash for the petrol or diesel required to run one
– They produce polluting fumes
– They produce vibrations
– They have a high maintenance cost (no one likes high maintenance anything…)
– Cheap imports offer no reliability or guarantee of spare parts
– Usually, a generator won’t have automatic switch over and you’ll be left stumbling in the dark to start it manually
– And even once you get there, they are difficult to start and the battery could be flat when you need it!
On the other hand, our “Long-life backup UPS system” is ideal for homes/guesthouses/farms/small business applications because:
– It’s noise free!
– Operation is fully automatic
– You won’t need to dish out cash for petrol or diesel
– It doesn’t produce any fumes
– It’s seamless automatic transfer means you will never be in darkness
– It’s easy to install
– Batteries are automatically recharged
– It’s reliable, modern technology
– It’s basically maintenance free
– It can work in conjunction with Solar and Fuel Cells
– It does not have to be installed on a ground floor
This inverter/battery solution is a fantastic way to control your power, while also being considerate of those around you and being environmentally conscientious. You can get the system in 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 4kVA, 6kVA or 12kVA that can give you instant power with a battery charging capability of up to 10-120Amp.

What’s more is that the unit can source power from either a back-up power utility feed or a back-up generator or from Photo Voltaic solar arrays. Join many South Africans on the journey to independent electricity with a locally manufactured and quality product from us, so that you are never left in the dark.