Netshield now distributes Youncta


We are excited to share that we have been appointed the distributor for leading Microwave Research and Production Company Youncta, in the Southern Africa region. What does this mean for you? You’ll be able to get Youncta’s unique collaboration and communications technology directly from us.

The Youncta Y-Packet is our main area of focus at this stage. It is a high capacity, Full-Ethernet point-to-point microwave radio, realised to meet the requirements of WISP, ISP and corporate markets.

This product was conceived with a totally outdoor approach, covering a frequency from 2 GHz to 38 GHz, in both licensed and unlicensed (17 GHz and 24 GHz) bands. Y-Packet has been developed with an aim of easy installation and interoperability with other equipment. It is available in Y-Packet C (Copper) which comes with a PoE port only and in Y-Packet F (Fibre) that has both PoE and Optical SFP ports and includes a DC power connector.

Radio, modem and system types

  • Y-Packet will allow you to implement technologies like XPIC jointly with radio link aggregation and adaptive modulation.
  • Provides capacity of up to 1 Gbps at 56 MHz bandwidth L1 and 1024 QAM.
  • Can be configured as 1+1 HSB for link protection, XPIC with radio link aggregation or repeater.
  • All system configurations are fully outdoor, meaning no requirement of any indoor unit.

Power consumption

  • Thanks to a digital pre-distorter, Y-Packet can enhance Tx power, thus allowing coverage over longer distances.
  • Implements ATPC, ensuring a maximum level of modulation or highest throughput, and lowest Tx power at the same time.
  • Typical power consumption is less than 35 W.

Easy and Intuitive web interface Secure Access

  • Provides an intuitive Web Management Interface based on AJAX technology.
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 stacks, for connection over HTTP/HTTPS and SNMP protocols.
  • Y-Packet F variant supports Double IPv4 stack feature, where two independent stacks can be used for primary and secondary management.
  • When enabled, the secondary management configures the PoE port to be used for management purposes only, providing local out-of-band connection.

Secure Access

  • Y-Packet can be managed over secure protocols, like HTTPS and SSH.
  • For web access over HTTP/HTTPS, and also for SNMP, up to six access lists can be independently configured.
  • Firewalling is also possible for SSH and ICMP.
  • User authentication and authorisation can be done on local database or alternatively against a centralised remote RADIUS server.

Full Ethernet Solution

  • In terms of Ethernet protocols and processing, Y-Packet provides support for VLAN 1Q (Access, Trunk and Transparent mode) on all Ethernet ports.
  • For optimal performance over the radio interface, QoS can be configured to classify data and management traffic according to two basic classifiers: IEEE 802.1p or IPv4 DSCP.
  • Y-Packet output scheduler can operate either in WRR or strict priority fashion.
  • The queues in the WRR are emptied in a round-robin fashion, and have fixed weights of 8,4,2,1.
  • Y-Packet Ethernet also features ingress rate limiter on all Ethernet ports, flow control IEEE 802.3x, jumbo frames up to 9700 bytes and a configurable buffer for long fibre distances on SFP port.