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Netshield has unveiled its in a offering, a self-contained IP 54 rated mobile unit that enables a business to rapidly and immediately wheel in, plug in and go, an entire IT infrastructure that can be managed from a single IP address in minutes.

The brainchild of the Netshield development team, the offering is designed to strip away challenges facing local businesses as they look to expand or roll out new technology.

“We have designed the Data Centre in a Box to answer the demands of customers looking for a rapid, low maintenance means to roll out an IT infrastructure in their business,” states Inus Dreckmeyr, CEO at Netshield. “The immediate benefits for customers is that they can literally wheel a data centre into their business and start working virtually straight away, without the need to invest in scarce technical skills, hours of configuration, or the necessity to make a large physical investment in a server room.”

The solution consists of a fully self-contained unit, equipped with an air conditioner, access control keypad, electronic locking, Netshield UPS, centre management and control device, temperature monitor, humidity monitor, flooding detection, as well as smoke, fire and flood detectors.



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