Netshield unveils Data Centre in a Box

Change the way your company approach IT with the new self-contained, plug and go datacentre in a box, managed from a single IP address!

The Data Centre in a Box offering, is a self-contained IP 54 rated mobile unit that enables a business to rapidly and immediately wheel in, plug in and go, an entire IT infrastructure that can be managed from a single IP address in minutes. It strips away challenges facing local businesses as they look to expand or roll out new technology.

The unit is a high end data equipment rack that supplies all the services required by a small datacentre, distribution centre or wire centre. It supplies clean power through a UPS, creates a secured, monitored environment with access control and fire detection, and can send alerts to a cell phone and/or a management work station or centre. The various elements are managed from a single name or address.

The “data equipment rack” is self-contained and includes all services. It is air tight, water and dust proof. It replaces the need to physically construct a costly server/distribution or wire centre room and use various contractors to do building, aircons, fire protection and electrical installations.

The Data Centre in a Box is a clean, simple and quick to deploy.

Datacentre in a box flyer








While the above mentioned features are standard with the units, customers can also tailor their units to include a wireless AP, networking switches, patch panels, wiring, servers and a myriad of additional technologies that can be sourced through Netshield’s partnership with the Westcon Group. The entire unit is then preconfigured and set up by the Netshield technical team before being supplied to its resellers for installation on site at a client’s premises.