Still use copper in your network? Don’t sweat

If your network is still made up of a host of copper cables alongside your fibre connections, don’t sweat it. Now you can add Netshield media converters to upgrade the copper parts of your network and make it think and act like a fibre environment.

How? With our inexpensive range of media converters we are enabling customers to upgrade their networks without having to “rip and replace” their existing infrastructure. This means that you can upgrade your ports to handle SFP and Power over Ethernet (PoE), helping you power digital and IoT devices without the cost of laying wall to wall fibre at the get go.

What’s new?

While some of you may have already purchased your media converters in the past we are very happy to announce that our 2018 line up has gotten a little bigger and are now offering One-to-One Managed FE/GE Fibre Media Converters as well as a bi-directional media converter range.

The new One-to-One Managed FE/GE Fibre Media Converters include a 10/100M or 10/100/1000M IEEE802.3ah OAM manageable ethernet fibre media converter, which can supervise a real time situation of a remote manageable fibre media converter and set functions on the network. With this converter response times of administrators is increased, maintenance and network expenditure is reduced and quality of delivery is enhanced.

The new bi-directional media converter range requires only a single strand of fibre to send/receive by transmitting on both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths.

Not sure what they are?

The Netshield media converters are a small device with two media dependant interfaces and can be installed anywhere in the network, converters are available in a myriad types, dependant on the type of media that needs to be converted as well as sizes. The range is made up of both Multi-Port and Power over Ethernet converters.

Simply put, a media converter changes the signal on a network from a copper signal to fibre without making any other changes to the network. They are considered to be the link between creating the optical last mile connection within a network.

Why are they effective?

The Netshield media converters are so effective because they work at a physical layer on your network, receive data signals from one media and then convert them to another. The process is invisible / seamless to your data and makes the one network “look” exactly like the other without changing the actual nature of the network.

Converters are as easy to install as a patch lead, they also don’t interfere with upper level information on your network, nor do they change the speed or flow of your network as they rely entirely on the end device for this information and will allow the device with the highest speed to act as the common denominator.

Where can I use them?

The Netshield media converters are useful in the case of outdoor CCTV camera, IP cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points. An example of an effective application for media converters is on CCTV IP networks, which can greatly benefit from using the converters to link perimeter devices to a Control Room.

Bear in mind that when using copper links outdoors, you run the risk of surges due to lightning strikes, whereas fibre is non-conductive. In order to avoid blown ports as a result of surges and strikes, a Netshield PoE Media Converter transparently connects copper to fibre while providing Power over Ethernet (PoE) to standards-based PoE and PoE+ compliant devices.

In short, the converters are a good alternative for customers where ports are copper but devices are all fibre.

For more information on Media Converters or to check if there is an alternative solution for your business contact Netshield South Africa on 086 111 4428 or