Total black out? A looming possibility in South-Africa?

will not divulge what plans it has in the event of a national blackout, as DA leader Helen Zille warns of a “catastrophe”.

Zille said that if the national power grid was hit with a blackout, a “huge amount” of electricity would need to be sourced from elsewhere to re-start the grid.

Curated from Eskom mum on blackout plans | Fin24

 Can you imagine what chaos it will be for all South-Africans when there is a total blackout….and how long will such a blackout last? Luckily I live off the grid, so I will be able to keep my meat frozen, lights on etc. and I do not even have to worry about charging my phone as no one else will be on the air! It seems like Mad Max movies were prophetic!
But, there are options and each South African should be pro-active and prepare for this possibility! For more information on how to do this, go to our living off the grid page by clicking here.