Why invest in environmental monitoring and control?

NVIROMON-1S (new)Disasters are called disasters because one is never sure when they are going to strike. Lets take a look at the recent Cape Fires – not only did disaster strike – but the fact that it was so difficult to keep them in check put thousands of lives and assets at risk without a clear end in sight.

Now think of the business impact of this. It could be huge. You could lose everything. It is here that we urge customers to weigh up the costs of losing everything versus the costs of ensuring its safety before a disaster strikes.

It is here were an environmental monitoring solution really comes in to play. It is against this backdrop that we have developed a range of NVIROMON environmental monitoring solutions that can scale up or down with your business or even home requirement.

But before we pitch the product to you lets look as some of the applications for an environmental monitoring system so you can ensure you have the facts at hand before rushing out to buy one.

A good monitoring and control system MUST be able to do the following:
• It must monitor and control the conditions inside of your computer room or data centre, and then alert you whether it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or even if there are unwanted gases
• It must be able to detect a fire and then in some cases prompt fire extinguishing devices
• It must be able to detect power outages and then make use of a built-in battery backup power to power your environment
• It must provide access control through all entry and exit points including monitoring of the opening and closing of cabinets by authorised personnel only
• It must be able to provide personnel record management making use of IP cameras and biometrics
• It must be able to deliver automatic SMS or email notifications on potential failures
• And lastly, but by no means least, it MUST be able to integrate with your existing systems

Admittedly not all features as listed above will be required for every application. However if you are looking for a true environmental monitoring solution make sure you use the above as a checklist against which to benchmark what is on offer with what you need.

What can Netshield offer you? Our NVIROMON range; the Nviromon-1 S, Naccumon, Nviromon Lite and Monone software, enables users to remotely monitor and manage their environments across multiple applications from the home to the office.

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