Your idea, our reality

Inus Dreckmeyr CEO of Netshield

Inus Dreckmeyr
CEO of Netshield

How amazing would it be if every time you had an idea, a team of experts appeared in front of you, ready and waiting to turn it into a tangible product?
Research and development forms the heart of Netshield, and our specialist team of qualified engineers is here to help you turn your ideas into tangible innovations, no matter the field or industry you are in. We believe that no idea is too small to make a difference and we can take a mere thought and transform it into a tangible business solution, helping you develop, design and architect it.
By partnering with the Netshield team you can tap into a wealth of expert knowledge and skills, which you can harness to make your dream business solutions a reality. This applies to the technologies that Netshield has developed specifically for your business as well as any solutions that you would like to see developed.
By working with your teams we can identify the functionality and specifications you require from a product, and are able to adapt this into an industry specific solution that caters for the market in which you operate. With us your ideas become products.
Some of the areas that we have developed special solutions for so far include:
• Remote environmental monitoring/control systems
• Self-sustainable cabinets
• Surge protection
• RFID tracking – keeping track of your assets
• Noise management and control
• Vehicle management and control
• Flame proof LED lights and intrinsic safe 5V Power Supply
• Fuel management
• TyreCop
• Weather station
• Solar trailer
• Protection of Cargo in Transit-Cell Lock
• APN Case – remote wireless access