Your secret weapon for managing and monitoring data centre cabinets

Smart Metering PDU

Managing and monitoring data centres can be challenging, especially when it’s your job to ensure effective power distribution, power protection and power management within them. Luckily we have a secret weapon for you that will keep you up to date with what’s happening in your data centre at all times.

What is it? The Netshield cloud or network managed Smart Zero U Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

Brand new to our growing energy smart product portfolio, the Smart PDU unit will give you active Class 1 metering with the advantage of energy metering and energy optimisation of cabinets in your data centre. You even have the option of adding temperature, humidity and fluid monitoring sensors that will send you real-time alerts related to pre-determined alarms of your choice.

As a result of being network ready, this unit is able to form part of an overall Internet of Things (IoT) business environment and leveraging it, you will be able to better manage existing power capacity to improve data centre efficiency, uptime and expansion.

The Netshield Smart PDU will help you…

  • Determine power usage and what capacity is available at the rack (level), making it simpler to safely add devices to your environment.
  • Mitigate risks with user-defined alarms.
  • Remotely monitor current, voltage, power, energy usage and environmental conditions in the data centre.
  • Switch power remotely for emergency shutdowns or reboot hanging servers.
  • Gain insight into the point-of-presence consumption of cabinets in your data centre so you can better manage power usage through visibility of consumption and the environmental conditions being monitored by the connected IoT sensors. So you can reduce power consumption and ultimately reduce costs.

With added benefits like…

  • Warnings of potential circuit overloads and nominal consumption increases.
  • Ease-of-use thanks to the visible on-board LCD display and data provided by the Smart PDU that will allow you to make informed decisions on load balancing and accurate sizing of IT environments.
  • Quick and easy installation, as well as being a highly cost-effective alternative for companies looking to take advantage of reliable, high volume power distribution with extended outlet configurations and vertical Zero U mounting options for high density data centre cabinets.
  • The ability to be used in a single or extended capacity.
  • A three year warranty.

But just as important, this product is 100% local, is locally supported and has been designed with the problems that South Africans are facing – like managing a data centre in the face of digitalisation – in mind. In fact, this secret weapon will make your life so much easier, that you will probably share the secret with a stressed-out friend or two.