Extensive Infrastructure management Intelligent Point of Presence (iPoP) Edge Gateway – empowering Datacenter Managers to monitor and control all infrastructure systems on a single platform. – NVIROMON-ULTI-1S


The Netshield iPoP Edge Gateway monitors and controls all Datacenter Infrastructure from a single pane of glass unified display. The gateway services today’s phenomenon of collaborative services including sensing, intelligent device/event control and serial/console port integration to primary services hardware at the point of presence. The unit functions as an intelligent gateway to monitor, control all local events and relay events, through either IIoT based and/or SNMP protocols, to either IIoT cloud or on-premises based platforms for viewing and analysis.
The device utilizes individual sensors, smart sensors, sensor expansion PoD’s and serial interfaces to collect and extract critical information of events and statuses in the Datacenter.
• Monitors environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and flooding in Datacenters and high site enclosures.
• Monitors and controls all power requirements .
• Monitors and controls access controllers (Biometric, Facial, Iris, Palm, RFID and Keypad) to multiple doors in environments such as server rooms, UPS Rooms, high-sites and buildings. Identifying users through both the connected access controllers and integrated video cameras, allowing access by referencing to local or remote access-control databases. The device uses serial Communication connected to the console port on air conditioner controllers and reads door-switches and controls magnetic locking mechanisms through IO ports.
• Integrates with surveillance systems by pushing recording activation to cameras on other trigger events such as access snapshots, smoke and flooding.
• Controls and manages air conditioners by quantifying energy consumption and controlling duty/time cycles of multiple air conditioners and HVAC systems through serial communication to console ports or physical switching. Allowing multiple air conditioners to switch on during high temperature conditions.
• Monitors and controls alarm panel events and statuses through serial console communications. The system adapts event to user definable messages i.e. “Zone 16” to “Alarm Trigger in UPS room”.
• Monitors fire panels through either serial communications or monitoring IO contacts. Or connects directly to smoke/heat detectors and directly controls solid-state fire extinguishers.
System upstream reporting options with individualized user definable sensor trigger level/s through either:
• true IIoT-based device reporting at fixed user defined time intervals, scalable from once every 10-seconds to once every 24-hours,
• reports utilizing the onboard three-layered event driven alerting principal, similar to that used in standard SNMP based management.
• Select alert function can generate repeated alert messages to act as an alert event, i.e. repeat alert when a door is left open for longer that 30-minutes.


• Up to 150 wired and wireless sensors
o Temperature
o Humidity
o Flooding and leak detection

▪ Water

▪ Petro-chemicals

▪ Acid/Alkali
o Fuel, water and chemical levels
o Magnetic and inertia
o Vibration
o Seismic and buried Seismic
o Motion and movement
o Pressure, flow rate and control value
o Wind speed, direction and solar radiation

• Digital I/O and Analog Inputs
o Sixteen (16) Optically isolated Digital Inputs with phantom power feed
o Eight Relay based Digital Outputs Double pole normally open & normally closed contacts with phantom power feed
o Individual LED status indicators embedded on RJ45 connectors housing digital I/O’s
o Eight Analog inputs with phantom power feed

• Access control
o Dual Wiegand inputs with phantom power feed
o Biometric, RFID and Keypad Readers integration
o Door Contacts, Push & No Touch Buttons and Emergency break glass reads
o E-Lock, Strike-Lock and Magnetic-Lock control

• Dual 1-wire sensors interfaced with phantom power feed

• Four (4) RS485 based power feeding Expansion Sensor Bus with phantom power feed
o Expansion to Class-1 energy meter
o Expansion to Sensor Pod’s and I/O modules
o Expansion to Air conditioner controllers
o Expansion to UPS monitoring
o Expansion to 4-20mA and 1-10V industrial Pod

Four (4) USB 2.0 ports
o Expansion to GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, LoRA, Sigfox and NB-IoT Modules
o Expansion to Integrated Cameras
o Expansion to protocol converters – RS485, CANBUS, BACnet and MODBUS
o Expansion to protocol converters – RS232 async, V11/X21

• 10/100BaseT upstream network interface SNMP V1, V2, V3 with IPsec & VPN

• Power
o Internal backup battery with isolation switch
o Internal 180 to 260VAC feeding power status monitor
o Current limiting on 12VDC Phantom power feeding circuits

• Fire detection and extinguishing
o Dual smoke detector and heat cable ports with phantom power feed
o Dual solid state fire extinguisher ports with phantom power feed
o Siren, beacon, Fireman’s switch and Emergency break glass

Cloud, On-Premises and Mobile App management

Web- based Cloud & On-Prem management structure

Global view

Point of Presence View

Graphical Tending of Sensors

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