Our People and Structure

The value and wealth of Netshield starts with its employees. After 20 years of trading, Netshield has learned that by creating valuable employees, we lead them to create a valuable company. At Netshield it is recognised that employees contribute to the growth by producing effort beyond their regular job duties. Employees appreciate their value and contribution to everyone’s success.

10 Things we aim to do more of:

1.       Best Customer Service

  • Because we at Netshield strive to deliver on our promise and do what we say we will do
  • Because we at Netshield strive to give regular feedback and status updates to customers
  • Because we at Netshield strive to ensure that all clients will recommend us
  • Because we at Netshield strive to take immediate action and ownership of queries and complaints
  • Because we at Netshield always put ourselves in the shoes of the customer
  • Because we at Net shield  strive to give the kind of service we would expect to receive

If we are going to have clients who look up to us, we have to do what we say and give them regular updates.

2.       Involve and empower People

  • Because we at Netshield take initiative, we trust each other and we participate in decision making
  • Because we at Netshield know that our input are valued and we are heard

If you have something to say, say it. Netshield needs to hear it!

3.       Clear Strategies and goals

  • Because we at Netshield act on our vision and we understand where the company is going
  • We know the role that everyone is playing in the bigger picture and we know what we want to achieve

We know where we are going and how to get there.

4.       Effective Systems and procedures

  • Because we at Netshield design the above with the client in mind so that we can operate efficiently
  • Our systems enable us to give world class service

Our systems enable and empower us to be the best. The way we work is designed around our customers.

5.       Passionate and Result orientated

  • Because we at Netshield believe in each other and work as a team
  • We focus on our goals and believe in the contribution to society we make
  • We build each other up and give and receive constructive criticism

 We work as a team and build each other up with awesomeness, passion, enthusiasm and energy!

6.       Deliver

  • We at Netshield strive to deliver always, every time
  • We at Netshield strive to get it right the first time

We get a kick from delivering on our promises, first time, every time. People trust us because we do what we say!

7.       Committed to transformation

  • We at Netshield believe that our strength lies in our diversity
  • We at Netshield are open to change
  • We at Netshield consider things from different perspectives.

Netshield will only be able to continue to lead our industry through perpetual transformation by continually reinventing ourselves and to explore new ideas and thoughts. Everyone gets the choice to participate in the journey.

8.       Reward and Recognition

  • We at Netshield are proud of one another’s achievements
  • We at Netshield recognise good performance
  • We at Netshield appreciate extra efforts

Top Performers promote themselves.

9.       Make decisions

  • We at Netshield take the courage to make informed decisions that unlock the value of the company
  • We at Netshield consider the impact of our decisions on other departments and people
  • We make the right decisions, even if those decisions are the hard ones

We want win-win outcomes for our clients and Netshield. That means we have to have the courage to make the best possible decisions even when they are not popular or easy to make.

10.   Training and Development

  • We at Netshield strive to unlock the true value of our people by supplying suitable training opportunities

By giving the skills to be an amazing person we all can find out what is hidden inside of us and that will help to unlock our full potential!


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