Inus Dreckmeyr CEO

Inus Dreckmeyr

Luan Cellliers Research and Development Team

Inus Dreckmeyr started Otex Concepts (Pty) Ltd in 1994, focusing on development and manufacturing of equipment for use in server rooms and network infrastructure. He is qualified as an Electronic Engineer, with a degree from the University of Pretoria. In 2002 the company’s name was changed to its brand name “Netshield” Luan joined Netshield in 2014 and manages the Research and Development Team. They are responsible for all new hardware and software developments, modifications on existing products and general technical documentation and manuals. He has a Diploma in Engineering: Computer Systems which he obtained from the Tswane University of Technology.
Marien Dreckmeyr Marketing and Sales Manager

Marien Dreckmeyr
Marketing Manager

Jan Bierman Manager Technical & Manufacturing

Jan Bierman
Manager Technical & Manufacturing

 Marien has been with Netshield since 1999, handling through these years aspects such as component procurement and manufacturing, credit and debit control, event planning, channel management, marketing and sales. She has a diploma in Public Relations and is currently also resposible for populating the  Jan started with the company in 2001 and is currently managing the Technical-, Component procurement-, Repairs and Manufacturing teams. he has done several courses through the years qualifying himself in Project management, Microsoft MCP, Advanced Networking, Electronics
Jamie Jacobs Financial

Jamie Jacobs

 Jamie takes responsibility for the daily financial management of Netshield.



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