Don’t let loadshedding leave you in the dark

Loadshedding still strikes dread and fear into the hearts of South Africans. And now, with Eskom’s announcement of stage 6 loadshedding, we are in real trouble if we don’t start making new plans for alternative power sources.

We live in a global economy so rolling over and playing dead is NOT an option. Which is why we have seen such a growing interest in the Netshield Inverter / Charger range. In short our system helps you run your core energy requirements when all other sources have failed you.

Remember – smart power solutions don’t make smart financial sense. So you have to build them for purpose, decide what is core to your business and be smart about what you put into the mix. A system that powers your computers, lights, boardroom, access control system, security system and possibly some additional plugs – is GOING to cost less than one that powers absolutely everything (aircons and geysers included).

It is not easy to calculate your energy requirements – so ask an expert to help – in fact ask us to help. We have been doing it for years. Furthermore, our Netshield inverter / charger range, is a true sine wave inverter and high-power battery combination solution and can be used in three use cases, namely: high-power deep cycle line interactive UPS mode, as a grid assisted or as a generator and grid assisted energy source. They act as a power storage management device to ensure reliable power feeds to critical business services.

As the units can source power from either the power utility feed, a back-up diesel generator or solar arrays, their optimal deployment can only be achieved if you have accurately calculated the size of your critical load and the required backup time frame. The size and costs depend on your application and can be scaled up or down by adding batteries and even solar panels.

Looking ahead their deployment will help reduce not just your reliance on Eskom – but the cost of power in your business. If you add an intelligent gateway you can also take advantage of visibility into managing your differing power sources.

Use case for the Netshield Inverters:

 High Power Deep Cycle Line interactive UPS mode

If you are loadshed or the power falls over your unit will kick into the high-power deep cycle line interactive UPS mode and will switch over into online mode within 12 milliseconds.

Grid Assisted solution

This is a hybrid mode, where you can run a grid connection in conjunction with additional renewable energy resources, like solar panels. the inverter and renewable energy source will be your primary energy feed and will only switch over to the grid supply in the event that this supply has run out and the batteries need to be recharged.

Generator Assisted mode

If you are “off the grid”, your batteries will be charged by photo voltaic solar panels and/or wind generators, but if their power runs out or isn’t sufficient, the inverter will switch over to an installed generator which will also charge the batteries at the same time and switch back over when they are charged.

Our solutions are designed to act as the core of a reliable power feed and work in supply from 1kVA to 12KVA continuously, and up to 2kVA to 36KVA power instantiations with a battery charging capability of up to 10 to 120Amp dependant of optimisation product selection.

Why not call us and let us come and punch the numbers, do the maths and give you some options on what you may need? Besides what do you have to lose? Besides a couple of zeros on your energy bill.

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