How to: Increase the power produced by your solar panels by up to 45%

We’ve said it time and time again, you can implement as many solutions as you like, but if you don’t implement them correctly, after the necessary research and using high-quality products, you will not get the Return On Investment (ROI) that these solutions promise.

SolartrackerSunflowerAs an example, if you own a solar panel and it is stationary (on a fixed axis), the highest amount of energy it will collect is when it’s directly aligned with the sun, which is probably for a short amount of time during the day. Therefore it would not be collecting enough solar energy for you to notice a significant ROI. But, what if your solar panel or array was always directly facing the sun? That would mean that it would permanently be collecting the maximum amount of solar energy available.

The Netshield NPVT5, a dual-axis that acts exactly as a sunflower does, following the sun to wherever it is in the sky by moving vertically and horizontally. Using this solar tracker your will collect solar energy for the longest period of the day and with the most accurate alignment to the sun as it shifts with the seasons.

This tracker is easily installed and can potentially improve the power harvest of a photovoltaic solution by up to 45%, while also reducing costs. It would also mean that you could reduce the size of your battery bank because with this solution you could run your business/ household for longer periods of time off of solar energy.

Within a renewable energy solution, a solar panel and a solar tracker really go hand-in-hand if you want to achieve the biggest possible ROI, which is why we highly recommend our “sunflower”.


• The dual axis solar tracker is an accurate, high performance, easily installed design that will improve the production of a by up to 45%.
• Depending on the panel size, each tracker can carry 5.5kW – 7.4kW.
• Trackers can be remotely monitored, positioned and controlled, through our remote Site Monitoring solutions.
• Motors run infrequently and well below load limits.
• 25+ year functional and operational design.
• All components pre-drilled and ready-to-assemble. No sheet
metal screws or field welding.
• Hot dipped galvanized steel structure.
• Trackers are equipped to work with recommended MPPT’s and inverters.
• Tracker is programmed to stow at a wind speed of 13m/s, capable of
surviving gust loads of 150km/h.

Netshield manufactures a variety of both single and dual axis trackers used in various Photo Voltaic or focal point applications.