How you choose to expand your network matters

As your business expands it only makes sense that your network will have to expand too. But are you going to rip and replace your existing network, or should you think out of the box? What if you could put some lipstick on your pig and call it by another name? Or in other words, keep your existing network in place, but give it a makeover and expand its capabilities?
Netshield’s pluggable SFP and SFP+ compatibles give you the power to do just that. But of course when it comes to your network you shouldn’t skimp on the hardware, and when it comes to choosing a , you need to ensure that you select one that is reliable, affordable, is right for your “brand” of network and is easily available.
The first and most important thing to determine is the size of the SFP you want or need, the modules come in a and a , the 10GB is ten times faster than the 1GB. Here are some of Netshield’s tips and tricks to choosing the right compatible for your network:
– Determine for which brand switch a compatible SFP is needed. (Netshield supplies , 3Com, Nortel, and compatible modules)
– Determine the size of the port so you know what size compatible you are looking for.
– Clarify if it’s for fibre or copper. (If copper is needed you will be quoted on the T-standard)
– For fibre determine if multi-mode or single mode is needed. If multi-mode is needed you will need the SX standard. If single-mode is needed you will need to determine the distance that’s required in order to find out if LH (aka LX) Standard or ZX Standard is required.
– Once again, in the case of the 10GB you will need to determine which brand switch compatible is needed.
– Determine whether multi-mode or single-mode is needed. If multi-mode is needed you will need the SR standard. If single-mode is needed determine the distance that is required. You have thus determined whether LR Standard or ER Standard is required.
Most importantly you need to choose a compatible made with robust and reliable components and a partner – like us at Netshield – that has technical engineers you can speak to before you purchase an expansion module, to ensure that you are choosing the right one. Your partner should also offer you post-sales support – our support is local, and as we all know in South Africa, local is lekker.
With Netshield you won’t just be putting lipstick on a pig, you’ll be, making intelligent decisions with professionals who can help you along your journey so that your network functions beautifully in the short and long term.