Lock it up. Secure it. Transport it. With Cell Lock from Netshield

We have some good news for customers who are in charge of high-value and high-risk cargo and logistics. With the introduction of our Cell Lock system you can remove the driver from the equation as well as ensure your cargo containers are only locked and more importantly unlocked, when and where you decide they need to be.

How does it work? Cell Lock is easy to fit into the cargo container of logistics vehicles, and has an intelligent GPS locating and GSM communicating module. This module controls the locking and unlocking of a bolt locking system in your vehicles. More importantly the lock can only be unlocked when the container reaches a pre-allocated geo-fenced environment, within an allocated time and then only if a predefined unlocking procedure is followed.

This buys you time for armed response to reach a vehicle in the event of a hijacking and also ensures that goods aren’t tampered with while en route to their destination.

Speak to us and we will put in a few additional sensors and you can constantly view the vehicles progress and position, as well as monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and even water leaks. If you are transporting sensitive cargo such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals this might be particularly relevant to you. However if you are a cash in transit business, the locking procedures will help ensure that your cargo can’t be tampered with.

The Cell Lock system literally disconnects the driver from the system and puts control back into the hands of the supervisor, logistics or dispatch manager. How? Because the door will not unlock under any circumstances, unless it has reached its intended destination, specific security codes that are generated by the supervisor on its arrival are used, or if it is brought back to the depot.

You can also make use of its ability to detect driving transgressions, such as idling or driving with the door open etc. Its alarm dashboard will keep your supervisor in the know, in real time, on the status of the cargo, the whereabouts of the vehicle, all the while collecting data you can use for analysis at a later stage.

It is also very customisable, you just need to advise us as to how far you want to go. Do you want to add sensors and controllers for different applications? Add modules such as RFID and Wi-Fi? Dependant on your need – we can help you develop not only what your Cell Lock system can do – but how you want it to behave. For example must it only unlock in a geo-fenced location, must it respond to the code sent as an SMS to a preregistered phone, can you override it with an RFID card.

Bear in mind that in principle the controller will only allow the unlocking sequence of the door when the vehicle reaches and enters the pre-assigned GPS perimeter (the destination geo-fenced area) of the delivery destination.


The unlocking sequence can be triggered as a combination of a variety of unlocking conditions:

  • Reaching the GPS perimeter (Geo-fenced) of the pre-set destination.
  • When a random multi digit access code SMS OR GPRS MESSAGE is received by the controller:
    • Sent from the automated application server,
    • Sent from the driver’s cell phone after receipt from application server or control
    • room,
    • Daily allocated access code sent via SMS OR GPRS MESSAGE from the driver’s
    • designated CN50 CM mobile PDA after receipt from application server or control room,
    • When the reversed sequence of the daily/fixed access code is received via SMS OR GPRS MESSAGE for the CN50, this will also generate a remote hijacking alert.
  • When an RFID card is presented to an on-board RFID reader present by and allocated to the;
    • Load bay supervisor for loading at the main distribution depot and the depot Geo- fencing,
    • Destination Customer or
  • Emergency/distress code;
    • Reversed sequence of the access daily/fixed access code is received by SMS OR GPRS MESSAGE from the drivers allocated CN50 and when within the delivery Geo-fenced area, this will also generate a remote hijacking alert.
  • Using the coded cell lock security override key.