What’s in the box?

Cabinet (7) Company data is a business’s most valuable asset and Netshield understands that, which is why we developed the Data Centre in a Box.

But this is not just any box, this is a box that enables you to wheel in and roll out an entire infrastructure in minutes. It is an entire stand-alone server room boasting all your need in one environment, it secures and protects your technology assets, and what’s more is that all of this is controlled by you from a single IP address.

So what exactly is in the box?

Protection and security – The Data Centre in a Box is water and dust proof and houses all the services required to service, power backup and protect your network core or distribution equipment
Savings – It is a cost effective solution that is basically a “plug in and play” data centre without the need to invest in scarce technical skills, hours of configuration and physical infrastructure by way of server rooms.
Expansion capabilities – Because Netshield is part of WestconGroup Southern Africa we can tailor fit the units with most of the major network product including routers, network switches, wireless AP’s, cable structure patch panels and more.
Ease of use – Let our teams knock it up and then simply wheel it in and set it up at your business and premises.

We would love to embellish on each feature – but that would simply take too much time so we decided to give them all to you and let you decide what you do and what you don’t need to know! So this is what is really in the box:
– Access Control managed through the onboard Wiegand ports connecting to any
RFID/Biometric/Keypad devices.
– Control of electronic locks and locking system on the doors.
– Monitoring of various door switches.
– Monitors environmental conditions reporting on temperature, humidity and
– Monitors and controls power feeds through the UPS and metered PDU’s.
– Serially communicates to the UPS’s, configuring and displaying UPS status.
– Smoke and heat optical detection.
– Controls and monitors solid state fire extinguishers.
– Monitors and controls air conditioners and checks air flow.
– 24/7 Remote monitoring and configuration through onboard SNMP
– 24/7 SMS backup emergency reporting and remote SMS control.
– Emailed reports summaries of user definable statistical event reports.
– Internal battery backup for controller.
– Surge and Lightning protection are monitored for damage and can be expanded to
multi-stage protection.
– Monitored optically isolated WAN network Interfaces.
– Core units, including network interface protection and distribution with optional network interface isolation as options.
– Matching air conditioners of 500w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w and 4000 watts.
– Self‐contained equipment cabinets available in various sizes 15U (wall mountable), 25U, 42U, 47U size floor standing units.
– Self‐contained enclosures can be ordered in a knock down format for easy shipping.

It is secure, it is reliable, it is mobile and comes in a single unit. Making it the perfect solution for businesses that have remote locations, pop-up locations, site-based operations as well as in field offices.

Contact us and find out more about our Data Centre in a Box today.