Worried about the safety of your connected devices? We’ve got your back

South African businesses still rely on server rooms to be the foundation on which their operations are built. The biggest difference in the today’s connected world is that they are connecting more remote devices and sensors to these back-end systems. But what happens if a fire breaks out inside the room due to a short? Or if a faulty sprinkler system at a remote site is triggered and causes untold water damage before it is detected?

Well, to combat this we have introduced the Netshield NVIROMON-ULTI-1S. Essentially, this intelligent IoT-enabled environmental monitoring and control gateway lets you monitor the conditions in your server rooms and remote sites around the clock.

Given the growth of connected devices, we have incorporated full IoT enablement in the gateway along with traditional SNMP manageability and other enhanced intelligent features. This enables the latest iteration of our NVIROMON range to monitor and manage connected devices and sensors within any environment.

Given its small form factor, taking only 1U rack space, it is easy to add into an existing environment. The unit monitors environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and flooding.

We understand that companies do not always have the resources to conduct round the clock monitoring. With our NVIROMON-ULTI-1S unit, you get an intelligent gateway that can also control local events, send alerts, as well as relay all events through IoT-based or/and SNMP protocols. This is sent to your IoT or private networked database servers for storage as well as data analysis. And all of this happens seamlessly behind-the-scenes, so you can remain focused on the tasks at hand.

You can define the severity of all events as either Critical, Major, Minor, or Trivial with the system configurable to send automated escalating out-of-band messages. These can include emails, Telegram, and even SMS messages directly to the responsible parties. No more worrying about what happens at your remote devices or server rooms. We give you back the control you need.

We have also enhanced the NVIROMON-ULTI-1S with features in environmental monitoring, security, fire systems, air conditioning/HVAC, and power systems.

With our solution, you can remove the various silos created by having independent monitoring solutions for each type of third-party device. Now, you can view all these systems as part of an integrated set in your environment.

In your air conditioning/HVAC, your NVIROMON monitors air flow and air conditioner power consumption, shares the cooling load of each unit by cycling the aircons, and ensures they run for the same number of hours by sharing the cooling load of each unit. And given the pressure on the country’s power grid, it has load-sharing features built-in, so you can measure the power that each unit consumes.

We have developed an industrial-class IoT management offering that supports up to 150 wired and wireless sensors. Even better, our unit provides heightened integration with your access control. The device identifies users through connected access controllers such as biometrics, keypads and RFID, as well as integrating IP cameras to enable photos and recordings of events.

These can be monitored and actioned remotely through referencing localised or remote access databases, identifying if the individual has the clearance required to enter the environment, and managing the process on your behalf.

Our fire system monitoring can also integrate into third-party fire panels while still giving you the option of adding fire detection sensors and solid-state suppression technologies. As with all the other alerts, the monitoring system can send notifications to centralised monitoring stations.

Should there be a critical communication up-link failure, our NVIROMON-ULTI-1S uses Out-of-Band GSM/LTE (GPRS to 5G) or Lora / Sigfox / NBIoT connectivity technologies. This means you still receive all critical alert notifications while it buffers events for relaying once standard up-link connectivity is restored.

Our NVIROMON-ULTI-1S offering integrates with numerous third-party systems. And given the extensive experience of our development team, you can request bespoke decisions and features specific to your unique requirements.

For more information please contact Yasien Mohamed on sales@netshieldsa.com for a full view of products and solutions within the end-to-end IoT offerings from Netshield.

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